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2014 Up Your Alley Fair – Naked Twister (NSFW)

2014 Up Your Alley Fair – Naked Twister 2 from Icarus on Vimeo.

We have all played Twister at one point in our lives, but this is an exciting twist (pun intended) to the normal version.

At the 2014 Up Your Alley Fair, Steamworks had their usual “Naked Twister” game where guys could play a giant-sized game of Twister in whatever attire they wanted. Some guys would play fully dressed while some would sport undies. We particularly loves the men boldly playing in their jockstraps, or completely naked.

Even though I am not coordinated in the least and my balance is sub par at best, I don’t this this particular take on the game is competitive. Even losing looks like a good time.

Why not start your own game? Stock up on all your fave jockstraps at

Thanks to Icarus for sharing all the fun and festive vids.

Rob Lowe Showing Off Jockstrapped Assets

I remember when I first saw this movie back in the early 90′s. It was originally released in 1986 but I have never been a hockey fan so it really didn’t appeal to me. That was until I saw some scenes where a young hockey hopeful (Rob Lowe) and his teammates Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves engage in locker room antics, such as hazings and ball shaving. The memorable scene is where Rob meets his love interest (The Coaches Daughter) in only what looks to be a Bike Jockstrap!

Essentially the plot boils down to a young Rob Lowe’s on ice and off ice antics, all while trying to impress talent scouts looking for the new big Canadian hockey star.

It is a sports movie. If you like sports movies you might like this retro classic. If sports are not your thing you can always fast forward to the naughty bits.



The Man With The Bulletproof Balls.

It’s not to often that we see a man willing to get shot in his junk to prove that his jockstrap design really is bulletproof.

Inventor Jeremiah Raber, has created his own “Nutshellz” brand. Jocks which are specifically designed to protect a man’s boys from a bullets and I number of any other possible junk related threats.

Check out this unreal video. You seriously have to have confidence in your product to take a bullet to your manhood.

The Naked Barber: Offering a Clothing Optional Grooming Experience (NSFW)

When most men think of the barber shop experience, they tend to keep in mind the more traditional experience of a shave and a haircut, but Richard Savvy, The Naked Barber creates a unique fetish experience for those looking for something less conventional.

Richard is a qualified hairdresser with over 20 years’ experience in men’s grooming and barbering below his belt. (Or lack thereof)

Richard plying his trade with a not so classic sling shave

Richard plying his trade with a not so classic sling shave

As his website explains:

“From haircuts to head shaving, body clipping to waxing, Richard can satisfy all your fetish grooming needs in his fully equipped private studio located in Surry Hills, Sydney.
Whatever your requirements, Richard provides all fetish grooming details including clippers, scissors, wax, hot towels or he’ll lather you up with shaving cream and more…”

For those interested in exploring the fetish potential of men’s grooming, the experience can be likened to other fetish, or role play concepts. Whether relinquishing control, the sensation of hot wax, being shaved in a sling, this is an exciting innovation in both men’s grooming and fetish play.

So if you are ever Down Under and looking for a truly unique experience in men’s grooming, check Richard out!

Not your typical shave and a haircut

Not your typical shave and a haircut

Richard plying his trade on a beefy jockstrap wearing daddy.

Richard plying his trade on a beefy jockstrap wearing daddy.