Get a Free Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central

Get a Free Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central


Everyone loves free, especially when it’s a jockstrap! Here’s the deal: From now until Friday, December 15th, 2017 (midnight) if your order is $40 or more we’ll throw in a free jockstrap. As a bonus, if your order is $50 or more you’ll also get Free USA Shipping or Discounted World Shipping (more on that below).

The free jockstrap will be one of our awesome Wolf Jockstraps or Omtex Jockstraps (made by the same company). You get to choose your preferred size but we choose the color (black, white, grey, blue) and style of the free jockstrap. You will see an indication of the free jock in your shopping cart when you reach the $40 threshold, but you choose your preferred size after you’ve completed the order (on the online reciept page).

Wolf and Omtex supporters are made in India for the European sports market, worn by cricket, soccer and football teams over in Europe. Unlike their North American counterparts, these jockstraps have super comfortable brushed cotton pouches with sturdy and masculine 3 inch waistbands. If you don’t have one already, this is a great chance to get one to “try” out. We’re sure you’ll be hooked! If you already have one, now’s the time to stock up. They come in small to xxxlarge and fit guys with a 28 inch waist all the way up to a 47 inch waist.


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Gallery: Trent in Bike Original Performance Jockstraps by Meyer

Original Bike Performance Jockstraps by Meyer

They’re Back and so is our model Trent. The long gone Bike Performance Jockstraps that were beloved by countless guys are now being produced again, just by a different company. Sounds fishy? It isn’t when you consider that Meyer was the European distributor for Bike so when Bike shut their doors, Meyer approached the Bike factory to start producing Bike jockstraps for them. First it was the classic Bike #10 Jockstraps and now the Bike Performance Jockstraps in both 2 Inch and Swimmer versions. Not only are they available in black or white but in all the original colors (red, blue and gold).

It was a no-brainer which model we were going to call on to model these new old jocks. Jockstrap Central model Trent was our the models for the most of the original Bike Performance Jockstrap as well as a personal trainer and fitness guru.


Here’s just a sampling of Jockstrap Central’s exclusive photos of the Meyer Bike Performance Jocks (and Trent, of course).

Original Bike Performance Jockstraps by Meyer

Original Bike Performance Jockstraps by Meyer

Original Bike Performance Jockstraps by Meyer

click the link for the rest of this post and photos….

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Original Bike #10 Jockstraps by Meyer Launch and Introductory Pricing

Original Bike #10 Jockstraps by Meyer

Incredible news! The Bike #10 Jockstrap is back just with another name. Seriously. It’s the Meyer Original Bike #10 jockstrap and it doesn’t get more authentic than this. Even better is that we’re offering them at introductory pricing: They’re 10% off until June 20th.

Here’s the scoop:

Meyer was the licensed distributor for Bike in Europe and dealt with the Bike Factory directly. When Bike stopped producing their jockstraps, Mayer stepped up to the plate and approached the Bike factory to start re-producing the original Bike jockstraps for them using the exact same sizing and specs. As mentioned, the only thing different is the name. Size, style, fit, fabric and even the label are identical except where the BIKE logo was there’s now a new MM (for Meyer Marketing) logo. They even have the same manufacturing number: 7110!

Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than this. This is the classic sports jock that started it all, the one you love for sports and THE jock to have for all your sports fetish play. It’s the epitome of masculinity with it’s full 3 inch wide waistband, moisture wicking contoured pouch and sturdy leg straps to keep everything in place.

The new #10s are available in both white and black and in sizes small to xlarge with one minor exception: Meyer didn’t send us any white #10s in size small, instead they sent us the long-gone Bike #10 Vintage Throwback Edition Jockstraps. If you’re size small, then snag one of these collector jocks as we only have two dozen and they’re on sale).


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Modern Bike #10 Jockstrap Clearance 30% Off at Jockstrap Central

Bike #10 Jockstraps

Great news! We were almost completely sold out of the discontinued modern Bike #10 Jockstraps but in our latest shipment from Meyer, the old European Bike Distributor, they included a few more that they had hanging around. Even better is that they’re still on clearance for 30% off.

Although not a lot, we do have all sizes in both black and white from small right up to xxlarge with the exception of black in size small.

As you probably know, Bike stopped producing jockstraps in 2016.

If you’re looking for the old Bike #10 Jockstrap, then be sure to check out Meyer’s version of it. We just launched the Meyer Original Bike #10 Jockstrap made at the same factory Bike used using the same specs, sizing, materials, etc. Other than the branding, this is the Bike #10 Jockstrap, the one that started it all.


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Get a Free Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central


Our most popular promotion is back with a twist! From now until Friday, May 19th, 2017 if your order is $40 or more we’ll throw in a free jockstrap. As a bonus, if your order is $50 or more you’ll also get Free USA Shipping or Discounted World Shipping.

While supplies last, this time around the free jockstrap will be one of our Activeman Red Swimmer Jockstraps. On the last step of checking out (your online receipt page) you’ll be asked to choose your size preference. They come in small to xxlarge and fit guys with a 26 inch waist all the way up to a 48 inch waist.

In case you don’t know, which I doubt because we’ve been talking about it for months, Activeman has gone out of business so these are essentially collectors items. Another tidbit: Their parent company, Flarico (also defunct), has been making jockstraps since the late 1890s, manufacturing jocks not too long after Bike.

To be honest, we’ve managed to snag a lot when Activeman went out of business, but we’re finally seeing the end of these awesome jocks. What I really love about the Activeman Swimmers is that in certain colors, the pouch is slightly see-through (as you can see in the photo of our model Christopher above) so not only are they functional, they’re just a little bit sexy to boot.

* Due to limited supply, we will only be giving away one free jockstrap per order. Your order total must be $40 before shipping charges and any applicable taxes. Offer is not retro-active.


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Bike #10 Jockstrap 30% Off Clearance Sale at Jockstrap Central

Bike #10 Clearance - 30% Off


Don’t ask us how (if we we told you, we’d have to kill you) but we managed to get our hand on a few more modern Bike #10 Jockstraps in both white and black and in all sizes. They are all on clearance for 30% off until they’re gone. Don’t worry, they’re authentic, we wouldn’t sell anything that wasn’t.

As you know, Bike stopped production of their jockstraps last year. We had managed to buy up everything Bike Europe had left in their warehouse and as expected we sold out of most sizes pretty quickly. The good news is we found more, not a lot, but more but the bad news is we won’t be getting more unless some miracle happens.

In case you don’t know, these are the new modern Bike #10 jocks with a full 3 inch wide waistband and moisture wicking pouch and like all the rest of the modern Bike Performance Jocks, they have softer pouches and more comfortable waistbands in grey.

We don’t expect our stock to last long so consider this your warning.


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Take JC Athletic Jocks for a (discounted) Test Drive

JC Athletic Jockstraps Discounted


We want you to discover JC Athletic Classic Jockstraps so until Friday, May 5th, we’re offering our already inexpensive JC Athletic Classic Sports Jocks for $1.50 off the regular price.

As you know by now, Jockstrap Central launched our own line of sports jockstraps back in March. We did so, partly because it was always part of our bigger plan but partly because of the loss of Bike, Flarico and Activeman. We took our 12 years of experience wearing jockstraps and running Jockstrap Central to create what we feel is the ultimate sports jock. Well, the reviews are in and based on customer reactions and testimonials, our Classics are destined to become, well, classics. Here are just a few of our customer’s testimonials:

“I got the jock yesterday and I’m wearing it today! It’s so soft and comfy. The waistband sits perfectly and doesn’t feel like it’s cutting into me. The pouch is soft and feels great on my junk. It’s a great jock!” – Chris W., Virginia

“As a working man, your new JC jock is the jock I’ve been waiting for someone to make all my life.” – Dave C, Montana

“Love your JC Athletics jocks! Great quality, durable and *amazing* fit” – John M, California

… those along with a whole bunch of regular customers who bought one, wore it, loved it and immediately bought 5 and even 10 more are proof that we’ve got a hit on our hands.

So, if you haven’t already, now’s your chance to pick one up to try them for yourselves. Currently, we have either a 3 inch or Swimmer version and both come in either black or white. Although both have a plushed inside to the waistband it’s more apparent in the 3 Inch Jocks and finally, we hate the excess fabric at the base of the pouch of most sports jock so we contoured it more so simply fits and looks better.


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InstaJock: S.PARIS in his Yellow Bike Jockstrap

Instagram Guy loves his jockstraps (and underwear) and with so many jockstrap photos to feature, it was difficult to choose just one, but here it is: It’s in a yellow Bike #10. But do yourself the favor and check out his whole Instagram feed, you won’t be sorry.

I also found the Tumblr, if you just can’t get enough.

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