Jockstrap Selfie Photo Challenge – Win a Free Jockstrap

Jockstrap Karate

We’ve just launched a contest over at our jockstrap selfie social website, Your Jockstraps. It’s simple and free to enter: All you have to do is recreate the above photo and upload it to the Your Jockstraps website and you could win a free JC Athletic Jockstrap for doing so.

Here’s the rules and details:

Simply recreate this photo or come close (try not to fall over!) using any jockstrap you may have and upload the photo to Your Jockstraps for a chance to win one of Jockstrap Central very own JC Athletic Classic Jockstrap.

All photos must be uploaded to Your Jockstraps before Tuesday, September 5th using the Submit Your Photos form (it’s the button at the top of the right column of any Your Jockstraps webpage). They will be displayed on Your Jockstraps website. If there is more than one photo submitted, then a winner will be randomly selected. The winner will get to choose the size, style and color of the free jock (3 Inch or Swimmer and either black or white).


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Your Jockstraps – Hot Jockstrap Selfies – Spring Edition

Your Jockstraps - jockstrap selfies

We had a bit of a glitch with a complicated move to a new faster server but your favorite jockstrap selfie sharing site is back and going strong with guys like you uploading photos of the themselves in their favorite jockstraps. It’s 100% free and uncesored. Post anonymously and post a photo or two or choose a nickname and create a gallery. There’s thousands of jockstrap photos with a comment system powered by Disqus so you can let those strapped guys know what you think.

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Win a Free Jockstrap at Your Jockstraps

Your Jockstraps

Just launched a contest over at our sister site Your Jockstraps. All you have to do is recreate the above photo using the jockstrap of your choice and upload it to Your Jockstraps before November 27th and you could win a Raw Studio Jockstrap. If there is more than one entry, the winner will be randomly selected.

The photo must be similar to the photo below and contain a jockstrap. The entries will appear on Your Jockstraps.


(the link to the details and rules are at the top of any Your Jockstraps webpage)

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Your Jockstrap – Rear Edition

Your Jockstraps - Rear Edition

In case you don’t know, Your Jockstraps is a 100% free to use social website for jockstrap fanatics to share their jockstrap photos. This huge jockstrap gallery now contains over 4000 photos of guys like you in their jockstraps.

Once in a while we like to draw attention to the site in the form of a spotlight – this Your Jockstraps spotlight focuses on the one of the best features of a jockstrap – it’s ability to perfectly frame the wearers ass. Here’s a few of our recent favorites.

Lots more photos ahead…

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Somethings Seems Out of Place!

The Voyeur or the Peeper?

One of my absolute favorite things that I encounter when checking Tumblr and other sites for new jockstrap pictures, are the candid photo’s. Great looking guys, taking selfies and not necessarily model types. From messy rooms with things awkwardly out of place, or people popping up in the background, photobombing what could have been a sexy shot. Heck we even see pets making an appearance. We know they could easily crop the photo, but where is the fun in that?

photos ahead…

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2014 Up Your Alley Fair – Naked Twister (NSFW)

2014 Up Your Alley Fair – Naked Twister 2 from Icarus on Vimeo.

We have all played Twister at one point in our lives, but this is an exciting twist (pun intended) to the normal version.

At the 2014 Up Your Alley Fair, Steamworks had their usual “Naked Twister” game where guys could play a giant-sized game of Twister in whatever attire they wanted. Some guys would play fully dressed while some would sport undies. We particularly loves the men boldly playing in their jockstraps, or completely naked.

Even though I am not coordinated in the least and my balance is sub par at best, I don’t this this particular take on the game is competitive. Even losing looks like a good time.

Why not start your own game? Stock up on all your fave jockstraps at

Thanks to Icarus for sharing all the fun and festive vids.

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