Jack working a Grey Obviously Modal Jockstrap

Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap
Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap

Our sexy model (and former male stripper) Jack in an Obviously Jockstrap.

These awesome Modal jockstrap have a hint of Spandex and are designed so you junk hangs naturally – with the stretch and the design, they’re great for guys who are well endowed and if you get a boner, they can contain it and still be comfortable.

You can get one of this jockstrap here:

Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap

Baskit (De)Luxe Jockstraps are (De)Licious

Baskit Deluxe Jockstraps
Baskit Deluxe Jockstraps

Baskit Deluxe Jockstraps

Here’s some new (de)lovely jockstraps and jockbriefs you’re going to (de)vour. The name says it all – it’s the (De)Luxe collection from Baskit – made from the awesome Modal fabric that’s not only ultra-soft but it wraps around, molds to your basket, fits like a glove and most importantly, shows off your bulge to perfection. When something pops up, Baskit has you covered – they’ve incluced a hint of spandex for stretch and shape retention when things finally calm back down.

We’ve got both a traditional jockstrap or a jock brief design and with the contrasting piping and waistband detailing these are not only comfortable but slick and stylish as well.

They may be inexpensive but they’re not cheap. Baskit jockstraps are expertly crafted and at only $21 (jockstrap) and $22 (jock brief) you can’t go wrong. Both styles come in three color variations (black, grey or white) so be sure to get a few so there’s always a clean one available.


Expose Yourself with Pistol Pete’s all new Fishnet Xpose Singlet

Pistol Pete Xpose Singlet
Pistol Pete Xpose Singlet

It doesn’t get much hotter than this – a wrestling singlet that shows off everything you’ve got made from a wide durable fishnet mesh with four way stretch not only guaranteeing a perfect fit but allowing for expansion when you spring that inevitable boner. If you’re going to own any piece of the Pistol Pete collection – this is it. It’s the pinnacle of erotic playwear design.

Here’s the details:

Like we said, it’s mesh with a four-way stretch aided by the hint of Spandex which also helps maintain shape. The fishnet is the entire garment except the edging which is a contrasting white piping not only for support but added visual effect.

One last thing about the mesh: It’s brilliant. Not only does it expose everything you’ve got, but the fishnet pattern creates awesome visuals playing on your every bulge, curve and crevice.

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but you have to check out Jockstrap Central to see our model Trevor putting Pistol Pete’s Xpose Singlets through their paces in a fashion only Jockstrap Central would dare too. Definitely Not Safe For Work!


Nasty Pig Covert Jocks and Core Jocks at Jockstrap Central

Nasty Pig Covert Jocks

Nasty Pig Covert Jocks
Nasty Pig Covert Jocks


Every year Nasty Pig introduces new jockstrap designs, and this year’s are better than ever. Not only have they introduced the fashion forward fetish friendly Covert Jocks, but they’re spoiling us rotten by introducing new colors for their best selling classic Core Jock range. Here’s the details:


The Covert is last year’s Systematic Jock‘s stealthier and more subtle younger brother. Sure you’ll still stand out with this jock’s stunning contrasting cage-like pouch detailing, but wearing this is like belonging to a club with a secret hand shake – only the cool kids have it all figured out.

The pouch is essentially a heavy duty black ribbed cotton pouch with big bold raised stripes forming a lattice like cage extending from the two center vertical stripes. As far as comfort goes, Nasty Pig’s got you covered with a second inner panel of their super soft ribbed cotton.

Finishing off this stunning design: Two 3/4 inch leg straps with matching centered striping and a mind blowing one and one quarter inch waistband. From afar, it’s simply a fashion forward waistband complete with complimentary racing stripe detailing, but get them up close (and trust us, they will want to get up close) and all will be revealed – a tone on tone “Nasty Pig” repeated from front to back indicates your exclusive membership.


Originally available in black or white, Nasty Pig is spicing up your life with these new for 2013 colored versions of their classic jockstraps. The original CLICK HERE FOR NASTY PIG AT JOCKSTRAP CENTRAL

Timoteo Club House Collection Full Gallery

Here’s a gallery of hi-res photos our models Trent, Akio and Amon in Jockstrap Central’s newly launched Timoteo Club House Collection. All these jocks and more are available at Jockstrap Central


Papi Stretch Jockstraps 2 Packs
Papi Stretch Jockstraps 2 Packs


The Papi Stretch Jock is not only stylish but so comfortable you won’t want to wear anything else. Luckily Papi knew you’d feel that way so they bundled them in twos so you’d have one to wear while the other is in the wash. New for 2013 are two new bundles – either a black and a blue jock combo or a red and a blue jock combo.

Here’s the details: The Pouch is contoured and constructed of two panels with a center seam. It’s almost all cotton with a hint of spandex not only for a better fit but to provide an extra touch of soft comfort.

The 1 1/4 inch comfort waistband is the perfect blend of sturdiness and stretch with a high thread-count weave forming a stylish stripe running around the waistband with a front centered Papi logo. The 3/4 inch soft elastic legstraps provide the support to keep things in place yet stretchy enough to prevent the cutting in you find in many other jocks.

Once again, this is a 2 pack. You get two stylish and comfortable Papi jockstraps for one great price.


Pistol Pete Maverick Jocks and Sport Jocks

Pistol Pete Maverick and Sport Jocks
Pistol Pete Maverick and Sport Jocks

Hot off the truck and onto our shelves – it’s the all new Pistol Pete Maverick Jock and Sport Jock – both made of soft stretch ribbed cotton to cradle your boys for some some happy bulge making magic. Here’s the details

Sport Jock:

Be the envy of the locker room wearing what could only be described as edgy sport wear with a whole lot of style thrown in. With ribbed cotton and some nylon and spandex for extra form fitting and a striking contrasting center stitching, pouch edging and some sporty waistband racing stripes.

Maverick Jock:

Appropriately titled: Pistol Pete takes the traditional jockstrap design and adds an awesome, sexy, stylish yet unorthodox twist with leg straps that wrap around front meeting in a peak at the top of the pouch and finished off with 6 metal studs. Although the pouch fits and forms, a long and generous pouch means you can get excited without letting your beast escape.

The Maverick jock come in three great color combinations and the Sport Jock in two – all variations of white, black, red and yellow.

Check back in a bit for a hot gallery of our models Ken and Trent in the new Pistol Pete Gear.


Just Arrived: Activeman Elite Jocks with Introductory Pricing

Activeman Elite Jockstraps
Activeman Elite Jockstraps

Make room in your top jock drawer for your new favorite. Following the success of their Liberty Modal Trunk and Sports Briefs, Activeman set out to reinvent the fashion jock with the Elite creating one of the most stylish, comfortable and affordable jocks out there.

Regularly at $14.95, for the next two weeks we’re offering these jocks at an introductory price of $13.95.

Here’s the details:

The Elite jock has a contoured solid colored pouch edged in contrasting piping consisting of mostly cotton with a touch of Elastane to maintain shape, comfort and to provide a perfect fit.

Complimentary to the pouch, a 1 inch plushed elastic travels from the top of the pouch, parallel to the waistband, to the back and becomes the leg straps of the jock. To add an extra dash of style, those straps have a centered contrasting stripe running through them. The effect is sharp and snazzy (I know, that word is aging me!)

With it’s luxury feel and stunning looks, the Elite will make work a bit more bearable and play a whole lot more fun. We’ve got the Elite in four fabulous colors: black with white, white with black, red with black and our favorite, yellow with black.


Francois in Activeman Vented Jocks – The Lost Files

Jockstrap Central model Francois

We often get new products shot during Jockstrap Central photo shoots that for one reason or another, never get launched. After 8 years in business we have lots of these photos that have never been published. They deserve to be seen, so we’ll be sharing them with you here.

We discovered Francois during Toronto Pride when he came by our booth wearing nothing but some shorts. He was visiting Toronto from Montreal. He was drop dead handsome with an amazing body so I gave him a card and asked him to call us back if he was interested in modeling before he returned to Montreal. The next day, he called and we set up a shoot.

A little note about the photos: Our photographer was just getting used to a new camera so the photos weren’t the best, they’re a little too high contrast and although I like dramatic lighting, these photos go a bit too far for our purposes. Francois was amazing and professional.

We ended up not using a lot of the photos we shot, and the ones we did use were of products that have now been discontinued or we never ended up bringing in – like the Activeman 3 inch vented jockstrap Francois is wearing in half of these photos.

If you like the vented jockstraps, then be sure to check out our model Thomas in the Activeman Vented Swimmer Jock.