Cellblock 13 Rogue Neoprene Jockstraps, Harnesses and Cuffs

Cellblock 13 Rogue Sports Fetish Gear


Harness your inner deviant with Cellblock 13’s latest and first full collection of 2018, Rogue. It’s a sports fetish collection of gear featuring an iconic CB13 jockstrap, a very versatile harness and a handy wrist cuff with secret pocket… and it’s all made with rubber! It’s a huge collection not only available in all your favorite fetish colors (red, blue, yellow and white) but for non-conformists there’s also my favorite: orange.

The entire collection is made from a stunning textured neoprene complete with sports striping and detailing in contrasting colors. Here’s more details:

Cellblock 13 Rogue Jockstrap

The Rogue Jockstrap is a true homage to some of the first Cellblock 13 jockstraps ever made except Rogue is made with black rubber. With contrasting diagonal sports striping and edging piping. Our favorite feature is that the pouch is contoured and generously cut to handle even the larger guys without cramping their style and with the sturdy rubber, you’ll also be bulging brilliantly no matter what you’re packing. And because it’s made by Cellblock 13 and they think of everything, the pouch has a soft inner lining which feels great against your junk.

The masculine waistband is a full two inches wide, it’s plushed for comfort with large front and center CELLBLOCK 13 woven right into the band with horizontal contrasting sports striping. With two handy D rings so you can attach the matching Rogue harness or any other CB13 harness you may have in your fetish arsenal.

Cellblock 13 Rogue Harness

The Rogue Harness is one of the most versatile CB13 harnesses yet. It’s made with the textured neoprene (rubber) in black and edged in contrasting duotone piping for a very current sports fetish look. Shoulder straps attach to two large black metal rings both in front and back. Straps run between the rings both across your shoulder blades and across your chest. More straps hook up to more rings under each armpit.

Finally, and here’s where things get versatile: vertical straps snap on to the armpit rings and run down the front ending in two black swivel hooks: You can attach these hooks to the matching Rogue Jock (or Hybrid or Sonic from previous collections), you can attach them to the belt loops of your jeans or you can remove the vertical straps altogether and simply wear the harness on it’s own. The vertical strap length is fully adjustable with a series of three black capped metal snaps.

Cellblock 13 Rogue Wallet Cuffs

To complete the Rogue look and to give you somewhere to stash your cash at your next fetish party, get yourself one or two of the Rogue Neoprene Wallet Cuffs. Like the matching Jockstrap and Harness, each cuff is made with the stunning black textured rubber with three sports stripes running horizontally around the cuff. Inside, there’s a hidden pocket, perfect for your cash and perhaps a key. With a series of black capped snaps, these cuffs are easy on and easy off.

We got our models Andrew and Zack Acland to take these bad boys for a spin. There’s quite a few full-frontal shots as we had to show off the harness and cuffs without the confusion of the jock – that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.


Cellblock 13 Rogue Sports Fetish Gear

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McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps


McKillop Jockstraps are back at Jockstrap Central and it’s about time! With our overtly sexy and totally uncensored photography and McKillop being so bulge-centric, we’re a match made in heaven.


McKillop is taking bulging to the extreme. With a secret weapon, well, two to be exact to ensure you’re bulging sky high! First in the Max Bulge Jockstrap’s arsenal is a pouch that’s super contoured and cut high to sit up under your balls. Second, a double-wide elasticated fabric cock ring is included with every jock for extra lift and to potentially restrict some blood-flow. The result: your manhood is hoisted up and put out there on display for all to see, as it should.

We’ve got three variations of Max Bulge: Sheer, Modal or Sphere.

The McKillop Mesh Max Bulge Jock is made from a fully transparent sheer mesh – not only can everyone see your religion, they can also see the cock ring that’s causing your bulging sensation.

The McKillop Modal Max Bulge Jockstrap is made from a super stretchy, durable yet super-soft fabric that clings to your junk showing off every hump, nook and cranny (need proof? check out our model Kaine in the white version, you can see the thick vein running down his dick showing through the fabric).

Finally, the McKillop Sphere Max Bulge Jockstrap is a marriage between the two. Made with Sphere Performance Fabric – it’s soft and stretchy with a repeating pattern of small circles which are slightly see-through.

All jocks have a one and a half inch wide plushed waistband with the tasteful and subtle McKillop logo woven right into it. Three-quarter inch wide leg straps finish it all off.

As mentioned, each jock comes with the extra-wide elastic cock ring. It’s not attached so you can opt not to wear it, or simply wear your own favorite cock ring.

We brought in our most recent model Kaine and brand new model Andrew to show these suckers off – and with what both of these guys are packing, they certainly do show them off.


McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps

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Cellblock 13 Smuggler Jockstrap with Built-in Gear Bag

Cellblock 13 Smuggler Jock-Pack

Just Arrived at Jockstrap Central: Cellblock 13 gets the award for most innovative sports fetish wear, especially with the all new Cellblock 13 Smuggler Jock-Pack. It’s a first of it’s kind hybrid of a jockstrap and fanny pack all integrated in one design but that’s not all! The pouch and side pack are both made with neoprene (rubber). It’s a unique jock designed to not only turn heads but make your life easier during gear & fetish events, underwear parties and circuit parties. Here’s the details:

Let’s start with the jock pouch: It’s slick, made with a black textured neoprene rubber with contrasting piping down the center and edging the pouch in all your favorite fetish colors. The neoprene is backed with a thin layer of super-soft foam which feels great rubbing up against your junk.

The waistband: It’s the masculine two inch wide waistband that you’d expect on your CB13 fetish jock. Complete with sports striping and large state-your-business Cellblock 13 logo front and center. But there’s a catch:

The pack: Built right into the design, the black pack continues where the waistband ends completing the loop. There’s no bulky buckles or snaps, it’s sewn right in. Completely made with rubber with two outer pockets with flaps secured with Velcro – one large possibly for your phone, and one small for your poppers and condoms. There’s even a large inside zippered pocket for your valuables.

The leg straps: It wouldn’t be a jock without the straps, in this case they’re 1 inch wide with matching sports striping and Cellblock 13 logo perfectly placed at the side of each cheek.

This is seriously the most ingenious and sexiest bit of kit hands down and no sports fetish collection would be complete without it.


Here’s a close up view so you can figure out what Smuggler is all about:

Cellblock 13 Smuggler Jock-Pack

Cellblock 13 Smuggler Jock-Pack

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(Video) Dave London takes his JC Athletic Jock for a spin

So, we sent our favorite exhibitionist Dave London one of our JC Athletic Jockstraps and it’s become the gift that keeps on giving. First he did some awesome jockstrap reviews on YouTube and his very own very dirty x-rated website, Dave London Online, then he sent some hot photos and now he’s sending videos – in high definition even! Check it out:

This is part one, stay tuned for part two for the big reveal (and when we say big, we really mean BIG!)

As mentioned, you can see more of Dave London on his awesome website where he’s naked (I know, shock!), jerking off, have sex with other guys, reviewing underwear and sex toys and most of all, having a blast showing off everything.

The JC Athletic Jockstraps are Jockstrap Central’s very own line of sports jockstraps. They were six months in development. Based on the classic jocks we loved with loads of tweaks and based on feedback and sales over the past year, they’re a huge hit.



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Photos: New Full Kit Gear Jockstraps in Orange

Full Kit Gear Sport Classic Jockstrap in orange

Orange is the new black jockstrap.

One of our best selling jockstraps was the long discontinued orange SafeTGard jockstrap in orange so when Full Kit Gear came out with their orange sports jockstrap we rushed it in and got it launched at Jockstrap Central. Not only have they made it in their all new sports jock style called the Full Kit Gear Sport Classic Jockstrap but they also brought in a version of their Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jock in black and orange.

The Sport Classic jock is just what you’d want: It’s got a sturdy masculine 3 inch wide waistband with simply black FK logo front and center. The pouch is woven and soft right out of the package. The Premium Comfort Sport Jock may not be traditional but bridges the gap between sport and fashion jock. It’s got a super soft poly and cotton blend contoured pouch and also has a three inch wide waistband.

We got our irresistible ginger bear cub model Zack Acland to do the modeling honors and think the orange compliments his fair complexion pretty spectacularly.


Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jock

Full Kit Gear Sport Classic Jockstrap in orange

Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jock

Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jock

Full Kit Gear Sport Classic Jockstrap in orange

Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jock

Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jock

Full Kit Gear Sport Classic Jockstrap in orange


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Full Kit Gear Jocks and Fetish Shorts – new color and styles

Full Kit Gear jJockstrap and Fetish Shorts


It’s about time, on so many levels. Not only have we launched a new style of sports jock from Full Kit Gear, we’ve also added new colors to some of their existing lines. All the new gear comes in either military-green or orange, which is awesome as we have so many requests for orange sports jocks, not to mention orange is my favorite color! Here’s the details:

Full Kit Gear Sport Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap:

It’s a brand new essential jock from Full Kit Gear. This one is a no-nonsense classic styled sports jockstrap not only providing the support you need but doing so in comfort with a unique knit pouch that’s soft right out of the package. The weave of the pouch forms a ribbing which provides a bit of stretch where you need it and also includes a half inch border for added support. With a very masculine and sturdy 3 inch wide waistband and an iconic white on black FK label front and center. So far, we’ve got the Sport Classic Jock in either military-green or orange.

Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jockstrap – new colors:

Along with all the original colors, the Premium Comfort Sport Jockstrap now comes in all black with either military-green or orange detailing. This jock may be designed for comfort but it’s also masculine in every detail from the black pouch and full three inch wide waistband to the color accents that announce your fetish interests. A super-soft black poly blend pouch that cradles your kit and stretches when the blood gets flowing yet retains it’s shape afterward. Contrasting stitching runs vertically down the center of the pouch for a stylish touch and as an added bonus, it accents that bulge of yours.

Service Short – now in orange!

By far, Full Kit Gear’s hottest product is their Service Short and it’s not surprise considering the features: Although officially called the Full Kit Gear Service Short we’re calling them the Full Service Short simply because you’re always open for business whether it’s through the front or back door. With functional zippers both in the front pouch and rear, they will keep the customers cumming and as a bonus, include a handy pocket to hold goodies or change in case you have to pay for services rendered. Along with the original five colors, these hot skin-tight spandex fetish shorts are now available in black with orange pouch and white piping detailing.


Full Kit Gear Jockstraps and Fetish Shorts

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Get a Free Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central

Get a Free Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central


Everyone loves free, especially when it’s a jockstrap! Here’s the deal: From now until Friday, December 15th, 2017 (midnight) if your order is $40 or more we’ll throw in a free jockstrap. As a bonus, if your order is $50 or more you’ll also get Free USA Shipping or Discounted World Shipping (more on that below).

The free jockstrap will be one of our awesome Wolf Jockstraps or Omtex Jockstraps (made by the same company). You get to choose your preferred size but we choose the color (black, white, grey, blue) and style of the free jockstrap. You will see an indication of the free jock in your shopping cart when you reach the $40 threshold, but you choose your preferred size after you’ve completed the order (on the online reciept page).

Wolf and Omtex supporters are made in India for the European sports market, worn by cricket, soccer and football teams over in Europe. Unlike their North American counterparts, these jockstraps have super comfortable brushed cotton pouches with sturdy and masculine 3 inch waistbands. If you don’t have one already, this is a great chance to get one to “try” out. We’re sure you’ll be hooked! If you already have one, now’s the time to stock up. They come in small to xxxlarge and fit guys with a 28 inch waist all the way up to a 47 inch waist.


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PUMP! open back Access Trunks and Free-Fit Jockstraps

PUMP! Free-fit Jockstraps and Access Trunks


Just arrived at Jockstrap Central: With this new collection for fall 2017, PUMP! is taking a departure from the big bold in-your-face jockstrap and underwear designs of past collections. This time around, they’re stepping it up a notch on the sexy sophistication pole with their new Free-Fit Jockstraps and ridiculously hot and aptly named boxers called the Access Trunks with open backs. But don’t worry, the iconic PUMP! logo still plays heavily into the design, just this time around, the colors and styling are a bit more grown up and the new trunks are as sexy as the jockstraps.

PUMP! Free-Fit Jockstrap

With the Free-fit Jockstrap, it’s all about looking good and feeling great, made with a contoured breathable micro-mesh fabric pouch that’s got just the right about of stretch for the perfect fit all the time. Contrasting piping not only adds support but highlights your bulging bulge.

Available in white and black, navy-blue and white or military-green and black.

PUMP! Access Trunk (open back):

The Access Trunk is PUMP!’s first venture into overtly sexual underwear and here at Jockstrap Central, we’re ecstatic about it as that’s what Jockstrap Central is all about. From the front, it’s a stunning looking trunk boxer made with quality fabrics and stylish detailing that you expect from PUMP! But where it really gets interesting is the back where the ass is completely missing, hence the name Access. It really is a hybrid between the everyday reliability of a boxer brief trunk with the backless freedom of the jockstrap showing off your best assets.

Made with a combination of micro-mesh and ribbed fabric panels.

Available in black and white, navy-blue and white, military-green and black or red and white.


Both jockstrap and trunk all have a one and a half inch wide plushed comfort waistband with multiple contrasting horizontal racing stripes and large front centered PUMP! logo and smaller PUMP! logo in the rear.

If you’re looking for the perfect new gear that marries style and sophistication with a huge dose of sexuality, then look no further than PUMP!’s new offerings. Of course, words can only describe so much, for the complete picture, be sure to check out our extensive and exclusive photos of our fan-favorite model Trent in all the new PUMP! gear.

A word of warning: As nice as all the new styles are, my prediction is both the jock and trunk in military-green are going to be the first to sell out. The color green and the combination with black is simply stunning.

PUMP! Free-fit Jockstraps and Access Trunks

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