PUMP! Sale and PUMP! 2019 Calendar Giveaway

PUMP! Sale at Jockstrap Central


Time to get PUMP!ed. Not only did we just get a small restock on our PUMP! Jockstraps, briefs and trunks but we’ve put the works on sale for 20% off until Tuesday, January 8th (midnight). Even better, the first 50 people who buy $20 or more of PUMP! products will receive a stunning 2019 PUMP! calendar (more on that below).

If you haven’t seen our PUMP! collection in a while, you may be in for a surprise. There are more than 50 styles of PUMP! gear available at Jockstrap Central and not just jockstraps (although we do have lots of them). We also have briefs, trunks, joggers (trunks with handy side pockets) and the new backless PUMP! Access Trunks. We even have a few sporty micro-mesh tank tops complete with large team numbers and hooded tank tops.

Most people know PUMP! for their large suggestive logo front and center on the waistband, their impeccable craftsmanship and big bold color choices, but lately PUMP! have been coming out with less flashy, more subtle but equally stunning jockstraps but still with the big PUMP! for all to see. Our favorite of the new styles is by far the open back Access Trunks and if you want to get into specifics: the new orange and navy or orange and military-green jockstraps and open back trunks are pretty spectacular.

So take advantage of this short sale and freshen up your jock and underwear drawer with some new PUMP!

PUMP! 2019 Calendar


For the first 50 people who spend $20 or more on PUMP! products (which are all on sale right now), we’re going to throw in a stunning 2019 PUMP! Calendar. Here’s the details:

Start the year off right with a PUMP! 2019 Calendar. This Calendar is chock-full of hot guys in PUMP! gear in stunning hi-def photography on beautiful card stock with a high gloss. Even better is that there’s more than just one guy per month as it’s crammed with extra photos making this calendar a keeper long past 2019!


Sports Jockstrap Sale at Jockstrap Central

Sports Jockstrap Sale at Jockstrap Central

Time to stock up! For the next few days most of our sports jockstraps are on sale for 15% off at Jockstrap Central. Not only are our very own JC Athletic jockstraps on sale but so are our sports jocks by Meyer, Wolf, Omtex and Jack Adams. Just in time for the sale – we managed to get our hands on some actual Bike Throwback Edition #10 Jockstraps (only in size small) and some authentic Bike #10 Performance Jockstraps in both black and white (but only in size xlarge and xxlarge). If those are your sizes, be sure to snap them up quickly as these collector items won’t last for long!

I’m sure you know the story by now, but JC Athletic Classic Sports Jockstraps are Jockstrap Central’s very own jockstraps. Once Bike, Flarico and Activeman stopped producing their jockstraps we knew we had to do something – so for six months we worked on creating what we consider to be the ultimate sports jockstrap. We based them on our favorites yet tweaked the hell out of them – including contouring the base of the pouch for a better fit and plushing the inside of the waistbands for added comfort. As a bonus, the woven moisture wicking pouches are soft right out of the box. We launched them in 2017 and the reviews and testimonials are out of this world. Whether you just want to test them out or you want to stock up, now’s the time as they’re 15% off. Available in 3 Inch and swimmer versions in either white or black.

If you’re pining for Bike jockstraps, then consider Meyer. They were the European distributor for Bike so when Bike quit making their jocks Meyer approached the Bike factory to produce the original Bike jockstraps for them. They’re exactly the same as the Bike jockstraps you loved except where the Bike logo was on the front label you’ll now find a MM (for Meyer Marketing). The Original Bike Jockstraps by Meyer are available in the original #10 versions in both white and black plus the more modern Performance 3 Inchers and Swimmers with the grey waistbands and are available in white, black, red, blue or gold.

Also be sure to check out Wolf and Omtex (in case you don’t know about them). They’re made in India originally for cricket and European sports. They are true sports jocks with solid 3 inch waistbands but where they’re unique is they all have brushed cotton pouches – so you’re getting the support you need with a touch of comfort.


BreedWell Glow Gear Sale – Jockstraps, Harnesses and Socks

Breedwell Glow Gear Sale at Jockstrap Central


You remember that crazy hot and totally unique Breedwell collection of LED light infused jocks and harnesses we launched a little while ago at Jockstrap Central? Well it’s now on sale but only until Sunday, November 11th. All Breedwell jockstraps, Glow Pouches, Glow Harnesses, Cockring Straps and their amazing Logo Socks are now 10% off.

In the daylight, all the Breedwell gear looks great, the jockstraps are as good as any sports fetish jock out there both in style, fit and comfort plus the harnesses (two styles) are the epitome of what we call Future Fetish Gear in black with detailing in fetish colors all made with sturdy nylon and leather with heavy-duty metal rings, adjustable snaps and more. But at night, their secret is revealed: All those color strips are actually LED lights. Each Glow garment has lithium battery packs and come with USB charging cables. Lights can be solid or flashing. Great for clubs, fetish parties or riding around town on your bike at night. Be seen!

We’re calling Breedwell gear: Fetish Wear for Attention Whores and for the first time, we’ve got it all on sale.


Breedwell Glow Gear Sale at Jockstrap Central

Raw Studio Sale at Jockstrap Central – jocks, cock rings, bulge boosters, display gear and more

Raw Studio Sale at Jockstrap Central


Our big Raw Studio sale is on now! Until Tuesday, August 21st all our Raw Studio gear is on sale for 15% to 20% off. Jockstraps, strapless jocks (pouches), ball lifters, bulge boosters, cock rings, ball stretchers and cock contraptions are all on sale.

Be sure to snag the Raw Studio Matrix Maneuver Jockstrap made with a slick bulge clinging polyurethane with included fabric cock ring so you’re always bulging big time. Also worth a look are the Strapless Socks: They’re essentially a jock without the leg straps – it’s an ingenious design with a pouch that’s cut short underneath so it sits right up under your balls and suspended from the waistband – and because there are no leg straps to keep your pouch down, your basket is riding high and protruded out.

Then there’s the Ball Lifters and Bulge Boosters. Part enhancing gear and part display suit with a dash of style. Either the Cock Sling Ball Lifter, or the Force 1 or Force 2 Bulge Boosters with their suspended elastic loops in black and detailing in your favorite fetish colors. Wear them under a thin pair of shorts for some obvious bulging business or wear them on their own and put on a show.

Finally the Raw Studio cock rings: We’ve got LOTS! Everything from the Raw Studio Cock Sling (a cock ring suspended from an elastic waistband), to stylish adjustable leather cock rings with studs or car tread detailing. There’s the Display-it Flexi Velcro Cock Rings in either red, blue, or yellow or stunning soft leather cock rings in various colors with handy adjustable snaps. Finally, for some real fun and dedication there’s the Cock Ring and Ball Harness, Cock Ring and Ball Splitters and Ball Stretchers in either beginner or advanced versions.

Already affordable, every piece of Raw Studio gear is now even more so with the sale.

Keep in mind: the Cock Sling Ball Lifter and Force 2 Bulge Boosters are being discontinued and won’t be restocked. Grab them while you can before they’re gone for good.


Raw Studio Sale at Jockstrap Central

Cellblock 13 Summer Sale at Jockstrap Central plus Gear Bag Giveaway

Cellblock 13 Summer Sale at Jockstrap Central


All you Cellblock 13 freaks pay attention: Not only does Jockstrap Central have a sale on Cellblock 13 gear but for the next few days (ends Sunday, July 31st) we’re also giving away free Cellblock 13 Gear Bags to everyone who spends $50 or more on Cellblock 13 gear. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also end up with free USA shipping or discounted world shipping.

Cellblock 13 Gear Bag Giveaway

The gear bags are pretty awesome, they’re lightweight and made with a cotton canvas. There’s one big pocket and a draw string to cinch up the top with a huge red CB13 Logo for all to see. See detailed photos of the bag at Jockstrap Central. Of course the obvious use for the gear bag is somewhere to put your gear on the way to the gym, but it’s also perfect place to store you clothes if you’re going to a naked party, nude beach or naked bicycle charity ride and it’s time to strip off.

As for the Cellblock 13 Sale – most of our Cellblock 13 jockstraps, jock packs, shorts and harnesses are now 15% to 40% off. We’re making room for all sorts of new gear heading your way by clearing out the following Cellblock 13 collections: Rogue Jockstraps, Harnesses and Wrist Wallets, Ward13 Swimmer Jockstraps, Smuggler Jock Packs, Cyber X-treme Jockstraps, Fetish Shorts and Harnesses, Fullback Sports Jockstraps, Octane Fetish Shorts and Sonic Wrist Cuffs.

All this gear has been discontinued so be sure to snag it (on sale) before it’s gone for good. Quantities and sizes are limited.

Shop for Cellblock 13 gear at Jockstrap Central

Cellblock 13 Summer Sale at Jockstrap Central

15% to 20% off Nasty Pig Gear at Jockstrap Central

Nasty Pig Summer Sale at Jockstrap Central


Be sure to take advantage of our Nasty Pig Summer Sale. Until Tuesday, July 17th we’ve got Nasty Pig gear on sale for 15% to 20% off. Jockstraps, briefs, socks and shorts are all marked down. It’s a ton of gear from all our Nasty Pig introductions since January 2018. As you know, we rarely discount Nasty Pig by much but we need to make room on the shelves for new NP arriving next month.

Collections included in the sale are the Nasty Pig Mission Jocks, Nasty Pig Ever Nasty Rugby Shorts, Nasty Pig Mandate Jockstraps, Briefs and Socks, Nasty Pig XXX Jockstraps, Briefs and Socks, Nasty Pig Xposed Jockstraps and Briefs plus the Nasty Pig Takedown Jockstraps.

Many of these lines have been discontinued by Nasty Pig and the other won’t be restocked, as awesome as they are, we’re moving forward with the new Nasty Pig gear.

Shop for Nasty Pig at Jockstrap Central

Nasty Pig Summer Sale at Jockstrap Central

Treat Yourself Sale at Jockstrap Central – 15% off and more store wide

Treat Yourself Sale at Jockstrap Central


Sure, the spirit of the holiday is about giving, but now your shopping is done. You’ve trudged through the snow (or through the sweltering sun for our friends in the southern hemisphere) and you’ve battled crowds in malls and may even have bruises to show for it, but now it’s all over and we think it’s time to treat yourself.

In celebration of another shopping victory, Jockstrap Central is offering 15% (and in many cases more) off everything at Jockstrap Central from now until December 30th (midnight) – so treat yourself, you deserve it!

Jockstraps, jock briefs, gym shorts, fetish shorts, fetish wear, harnesses, sportswear, wrestling singlets, tank tops, briefs, trunks, socks, cock rings, full-frontal display suits and even socks are all on sale. While most things are 15% off, look to our clearance items for even more savings – up to 60% off.


Treat Yourself Sale at Jockstrap Central

Cyber Hangover Sale at Jockstrap Central

Cyber Hangover Sale at Jockstrap Central

Hungover from all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? Well we say hair of the dog is always the best solution so here it is: From now until Sunday, December 10th (midnight) almost everything store wide is on sale for 15% off or more. Jockstraps, jock briefs, underwear, sports fetish wear, shorts, singlets, socks, cock rings, ball stretchers and more are all on sale.

The sale couldn’t be any easier, there’s no discount codes to remember, simply visit our site to find all sale products listed with the regular price scratched out and the new sale price listed in red.

For most places we ship to, there’s still time to get your orders before Christmas if it’s a gift you’re buying.


Maskulo Sports Fetish Gear Clearance – 30% Off

Maskulo Leggings with Cod Piece


Jockstrap Central is making room on our shelves for more Maskulo sports fetish gear coming your way soon so we’re discontinuing a number of our existing Maskulo items and we’ve put them all on clearance for 30% off! Everything from wrestling singlets, leggings, fetish shorts and football shorts in both open back or full back styles, and with the exception of the leggings, they all have snap-off, formed 3d cod pieces – so you’re always bulging to perfection but when you’re called into action, simply snap off that pouch and you’re ready to go. The leggings also have a cod piece but it’s attached except at the top so you can still get in on the action.

Keep in mind, these are on their way out and sizes and quantities are VERY limited, but if you’re lucky and we have your size, this discount is incredible as they rarely go on sale for more than 10% off.


Here’s just a few of the items on clearance right now:

Maskulo Full Back Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Full Back Fetish Shorts

Maskulo Open Back Wrestling Singlet

Maskulo Leggings with Cod Piece

Maskulo Open Back Fetish Shorts