You Guys must hate – or want the job I have….job? I look around the web all day everyday looking for stuff to get me… uh… I mean post on here. Occasionally I get really lucky and cum across a great video that I have to share with you. It’s of some Guy who gets off and in turn gets me off wearing his Go Softwear black mini mesh jockstrap.

This was the second of a four part video on xtube, I just about creamed myself at the end where you get to see the whole outline of his rock hard cock through the mesh of his jockstrap. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

If you’re not able to see the video click here to view the video right on xtube. You will also be able to see parts 1, 3 and 4.



Mark from Bukbuddies sure gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling, maybe his perfectly framed fuzzy butt in a jockstrap had something to do with it! You also have to love the fact that it’s a cup supporter that doesn’t have the cup in it, somehow they just seem to lie better – showing just enough outline of his cock to get my mouth watering and my cock like a rock. If you want to get him out of that jockstrap, well you can always take it home with you – after you’ve used it to clean up that is.

There’s more photos after the jump.

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SHOW US YOUR JOCKSTRAP CONTEST! An Artist gives his take on it!

Many of our regular visitors will know that we recently held a “Show us your Jockstrap” contest. Check here for the winners and to see all the entries. One of our entrants initially sent us these photos, while not quite fitting the theme of the contest we thought they were stunning and deserved a post all of their own. With his artistic take on the classic #10 athletic supporter from BIKE in the cup and none cup version. Does anyone know why BIKE has decided to discontinue this icon? Jockstrap Central has managed to acquire a large inventory of the BIKE #10 none cup supporter in medium, large, Xlarge and XXlarge in black or white for $7.95 each

The first photo is of Jef in his BIKE #10 cup jock, actually this was also the photo he chose to use as his entry for the contest.

Jef BIKE #10 cup supporter style jockstrap jockstrap central

We loved his take on a sheet of stamps, why can’t the USPS or Canada Post see the market in this kind of issue?

Sheet of BIKE #10 jockstraps stamps for sale store inventory

Personally I prefer the none cup style of jockstrap, that way you get to see a hint of what is hiding underneath – leaving the rest to my overworked imagination!!! This one gives you some idea of the “what you see … and what I see”

Classic jock strap with highlighted outline

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Suspensory Jockstrap

We’ve just added the Go Softwear suspensory jockstrap to our collection on Jockstrap Central, and it created quite a challenge in just how to display the jockstrap.

As you most likely realize by now, we’ve always tried to be honest with displaying what we’re selling. Unlike most other stores, we don’t shy away from nudity, if it’s what the jockstrap / underwear is about. You can see what I’m talking about in some of our see-through jockstraps, but the suspensory is a whole different kettle of fish. With the suspensory jock, you just can’t be subtle. It’s for that reason alone, that it took us this long to carry it.

We had many doors closed on us because we decided to show see-through garments the way they’re supposed to be. So after much thought and deliberation, we finally decided “Fuck Them All!” We ordered them and I think we’ve come up with a perfect balance in the way we’ve decided to deal with the blatant dick sticking out of that hole. We give our customers a warning and it’s their option to venture further to the full monty.

Here, on Jockstrapping however, we don’t have to hide anything so we’re showing you all the photos from the photoshoot that didn’t make it online at Jockstrap Central. Despite the medical and sports functionality of this style of jockstrap, I don’t think anyone can deny just how sexy they are with the pouch cradling the balls and the hole propping your dick front and forward.

Check them out in all their glory after the jump…

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buttbagg ass in jock strap
buttbagg title
buttbagg ass in jock strap
buttbagg title
buttbagg ass in jock strap
buttbagg ass in jock strap

If you’ve been following this blog from the start, then you’ll recognize Buttbagg from my first USG spotlight post. He’s one of my favorite USG-online posters for many reasons. The first is pretty darn obvious – that incredible ass that looks phenomenal in any type of underwear, but beyond that, I just love the quality and creativity of his selfpics.

When he sent over this new crop of photos for Your Jockstraps I couldn’t wait to get them up online. I had some other things to post, but I pushed them aside to get ButtBagg’s photos up first.

Buttbagg has got his own incredible website where you can see lots more of him in jockstraps and other underwear. He’s also just recently launched his own fantastic underwear blog as well. So set a few hours aside and head over there for a real treat.


btw – we’re always looking for submissions to our “Your Jockstraps” section. Click here for details on how to submit your photos!


One (well actually two) of Jockstrap Central models, Steve Martin AKA Mr Leather Toronto and his Husband Peter Rex, also a model on Jockstrap Central are hosting a Leather Brunch fund raiser at the Churchmouse and Firkin, 475 Church Street, Toronto.

The MLT Leather Brunch is held here the 3rd Sunday of every month. It is a fund raiser for the Toronto People With AIDS (PWA) Foundation.
The food is made fresh and one dollar from every meal sold from the suggested menu is donated by the Churchmouse & Firkin to PWA. The next Leather Brunch is this coming Sunday, May 20th. It will be a special one because it is Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2007, Steve Martin’s first wedding anniversary. It is also Mr. Fellowship 2007, David Kraft’s birthday. So, if you want to give him birthday spankings…

Churchmouse and firkin leather brunch and fundraiser toronto draw prizes from jockstrap central

There will be raffle tickets on sale with some great prizes, including this leather jockstrap and armband provided by Jockstrap Central

Jockstrap Central leather jockstrap and arm band

For those of you that haven’t been to Jockstrap Central recently here are Peter and Steve at their best!

Peter Rex and Steve Martin Jockstrap Central postcard leather brunch photo


Jack Deckard Jockstrap
Hairy guy in jockstrap

Jake Deckard is one of Raging Stallion’s men, and for his photoset on Hairyboyz he’s looking pretty damn hot in a jockstrap. Hairy guys and jockstraps – they we’re made for each other!

Hairyboyz is one of a few sites that Raging Stallion has produced. It only makes sense, as Raging Stallion has so much content behind it’s belt after years and years of producing incredibly hot real man porn. Like all their sites, Hairyboyz is quality, giving you photosets and tons of video plus loads of plugin content and bonus sites and is updated regularly.

There’s more photos of Jack after the jump.

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sportlads model johnnyb jockstrap photossportlads model johnnyb jockstrap photos

What could be hotter than a Guy in a Rugby strip sporting a jockstrap! Johnnyb over at Sportlads shows how a Shock Doctor should be seen…I mean worn! Only thing is he messed up with the waistband at the rear, any volunteers want to help him straighten it out?

sportlads model johnnyb jockstrap photos

There a couple more shots of Johnnyb after the jump with just a little teaser of what might be under there!
What is that on his chest, wish I knew!!

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Bikeguy in a red safetgard jock strap
Your Jockstrap submitted by Bikeguy

Now that the contest is almost out of the way we can pay more attention to the regular updates here on Jockstrapping…

Bikeguy submitted his photos a little while ago and I apologize to him for being late with getting them up, but check him out in his red safetgard jock and I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait!

Bikeguy says “I go by Bikeguy or Bikeguy13….depending on the site…usually the latter. I’m in Cleveland, but travel often to the DC region for work.
Love straps. Love guys in straps. New ones. Used ones. Don’t give a fuck”

There’s more photos from Bikeguy after the jump (x-rated photos ahead – you’ve been warned.

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Vote for your favourite jockstrap photo

There was an overwhelming 128 entries submitted for the contest. Voting has now begun, so show your support to these brave souls who dared to strip down to their jocks and post their pics for all to see.

As an extra incentive, we’re offering a 10% discount code to everyone who votes, but you have to vote to get it. The discount code will give you 10% off any and all purchases on Jockstrap Central between now and May 31st.


ps. We’ve have some new updates coming up soon, we just had to get this contest out of the way. Come back soon and we’ll have some jockstrap art and another edition of the “Your Jockstraps” series.