Worn Title
used jockstrap

Didn’t think I’d get enough time before I head to England with my partner Adrian for Xmas with his family, but I managed to get this done with a few hours to spare before the airport limo get here…

Part three of our jockstrap theme series is WORN. Buying a new jockstrap is great, but they get even better after years of use (and abuse.) If you’re like me, then you just can’t bare to part with your old jockstraps. Plus there’s just nothing better then the sight of a jockstrap that’s so worn and that it becomes practically see-through. Or even better when they’re worn through just enough so you get a glimpse of skin of the wearers cock and balls. Check these photos out and try to tell me they don’t make your hard.

There’s more photos after the jump

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This is the second in our USG Jockstrap Series and we’re featuring Jockluver. Jockluver is one hot guy and prolific poster over on From his profile over on USG, he loves most styles of underwear and he’s a big fan of Jockey Underwear (and we are too, based on his first photo.) From checking out his other photos, I have to admit that he looks damn good in anything, but my personal (biased) favorite has to be his jockstrap photos seen here.

Click the jump link to see more photos of Jockluver.

(more photos (some x-rated) after the jump…)

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Furry Guy In Jockstrap
Fur Title
Hot Hairy Guy in his Jockstrap

Part two of our jockstrap theme series is FUR. Naturally hairy guys seem to be making a comeback in media these days (or maybe I’m just being hopeful.) If I can push this cause along with our little blog I will with these amazing furry guys (and their jockstraps)

There’s more photos after the jump (slightly x-rated)

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Jockstrap Ass Orange
Sports jocks with ass exposed

There’s this misconception that jockstraps are only for older guys. Just take a look over on USG-online and you’ll see that younger guys are into jocks as well. Want more proof, then how about Jock_UK who just submitted his photos for Jockstrapping…

This 20 years old guy lives in the UK and says he’s “totally into jocks as i’m a butt man.Like it that you can see a mans butt exposed in a jock.”

Trust me, we all like your butt exposed in a jock too!

There’s more photos of jock_UK after the jump

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Rick's Jockstrap
2Xist Jockstrap

Rick sent in these hot photos after checking out Jockstrapping. He writes “I’m 27, live in Chicago and have been a serious ‘STRAP HOUND’ since I was in college like 7 years ago. I wear STRAPS (SWIMMERS) as my undies.”

…That’s exactly how Adrian and I feel. Jockstraps are incredibly comfortable and feel great worn all day long, especially once their worn in a bit like the one in Rick’s first photo above (bet it smells good too!)

There’s more photos of jack after the jump (x-rated photos ahead!)

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Texture Title

I’m starting a new series on Jockstrapping. I’ll be posting a series of jockstrap photos based on a theme. The first theme is “texture.” One of the (many) things that turns me on is closeups of jockstraps where you can see the weave of the pouch and often hints of what lies beneath. Not sure what I”m talking about? Just check out this series of jockstrap photos.

There’s more photos after the jump

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Jack's Red SafeTGard Jockstrap
Jack's Red SafeTGard Jockstrap

Jack just sent in a bunch of his amazing jockstrap photos. Included in his collection are the Red SafeTGard Jockstrap seen above, White Bike as seen after the jump and a phenomenal black leather suspensory (which let’s us see just why he’s filling out his jockstraps so well!)

Jack writes “I am 50 year old gay man from Melbourne Australia. I’m into all types of underwear and love jockstraps, sheer underwear and leather G’s. My favorite past time is riding my motorcycle and love getting my gear off at the beach.

Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll send some of his other underwear shots over to our Un-der-where? Blog!

There’s more photos of jack after the jump (x-rated photos ahead!)

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The Rugby Days Contest

All you sports and jockstrap fans will want to high-tail it on over to The Rugby Days to get in on the action. They’re having their first ever contest with great prizes supplied by Priape and Jockstrap Central (that sounds familiar!)

It’s easy to enter the contest, either send in your hottest sports/jockstrap stories, pictures, video or art and you’ll have a chance to win. Prizes being offered include the following:

  • $25 Gift Certificates courtesy of Jockstrap Central
  • DVD Dieux du Stade Making of 2006 Calendars
  • Priape Jockstraps Courtesy of Priape Canada (Vancouver Store)
  • Dieux du Stade 2007 Calendars
  • $10 Gift Certificate to
  • Testosterone Calendars by Joe Oppedisanno

It’s completely free to enter and the entries are judged by you, so you have no excuse. Get out your cameras and your pencils and think dirty thoughts…