Bike #10 Jockstraps by Meyer – now in colors

Bike #10 Jockstraps by Meyer - now in colors

They’re here! Bike #10 Jockstraps by Meyer in the original royal-blue, scarlet and gold.

Jockstrap Central has been bugging Meyer to bring these back in for years and our persistence has paid off! It’s the Bike #10 Jockstraps (by Meyer) now in Bike’s original colors: royal-blue, scarlet and gold as well as the original white and black. The only difference between Bike’s jocks and Meyer’s in the brand name.

In case you don’t know, here’s the scoop: Meyer was the licensed distributor for Bike in Europe and dealt with the Bike Factory directly, so when Bike stopped producing their jockstraps, Meyer approached the Bike factory to start producing the original Bike jockstraps for them – the only thing different is the brand name.

This is the classic sports jock that started it all and THE jock to have for all your sports or sports fetish play.