Photos: Addicted Fetish Cockring Jockstraps featuring Simon and Andrew

Addicted Fetish Cockring Double Jockstrap

Our latest jockstrap from Spanish fetish gear designer Addicted is definitely their most outrageous yet! The Addicted Fetish Cockring Double Jockstrap is a crotchless jock consisting of a clear stretchy silicone cock ring suspended from the waistband by two black elastic straps. Half the fun is putting it on as you’re guaranteed to be sporting a full boner in an instant – and the ring will ensure it stays that way.

The 1.5 inch wide waistband shows off your fetish in either blue, red or yellow. With the iconic AD logo in rubber front and center. Two black three-quarter inch wide elastics suspend the cockring from the waistband. Black leg straps are also three-quarters of an inch wide.

Our hung models Simon and Andrew are here to show how much fun the Addicted Fetish Cockring Double Jockstrap is.

Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central for lots more of our boys in our new Addicted Fetish gear.

Click here for Addicted Fetish at Jockstrap Central

Photos: Simon Marini in Addicted Fetish Mesh Underwear and Tank Top

Simon in Addicted Fetish Mesh Bottomless Trunk and Tank Top

Our newest collection of hot fetish gear from Spain just launched at Jockstrap Central featuring hunky ex-MMA fighter and model Simon Marini. Addicted Fetish Mesh Bottomless Briefs and Trunks plus matching Mesh Tank Tops are now available at Jockstrap Central.

This revealing new gear is made with a revealing net mesh with rubber and metal detailing. This is just a sampling, be sure to check out all our exclusive and uncensored photos of Simon in the new Addicted Fetish gear over at Jockstrap Central.


Dave London’s Jockstraps

Dave London in a Bike Performance Jockstrap

You know it’s going to be a good day when your favorite internet exhibitionist sends you a whole bunch of photos of him in (and out) of his jockstraps.

Confession: I’ve been stalking following Dave London for years but it’s only been the past few months that I’ve had any contact with him. I finally got brave enough to reach out to him to see if he’d review some of our Jockstrap Central jockstraps. I was pretty sure he’d say yes, simply because he’s got a huge underwear fetish… and I was right. Here’s proof.

Between then and now, Dave has finally launched his own website called Dave London Online where you can finally see him in all his x-rated glory reviewing jockstraps and underwear, reviewing sex toys, cock rings, dildos and yes, even fucking, jerking, cumming, pissing and everything else this total horn dog is into.

Well…back to the jockstraps: Enjoy these photos Dave London has sent, some of them are in jockstraps from Jockstrap Central (Red Bike Performance Jockstrap, Male Power Hoenycomb Mesh Jockstrap and a Cellblock 13 Dragnet Jockstrap) and others are from his own extensive collection. When you’re done enjoying the view here, be sure to check out Dave London’s website – you won’t be disappointed!


Dave London in a Jockstrap

Dave London in a Jockstrap

Dave London in a Male Power Jockstrap

Dave London in an Addicted Jockstrap

Dave London in a Male Power Jockstrap

Dave London in a Male Power Jockstrap

Dave London in a Cellblock 13 Dragnet Jockstrap

Dave London in a Jockstrap