I know I give a lot of love to the older guys here on Jockstrapping, after all, that’s what I prefer, but I have a huge admiration for younger guys in their jockstraps as well. In fact, there’s nothing better than a young guys bubble butt perfectly framed by the straps of a jock, and Buck here from Southern Strokes is a prime example of what a perfect marriage it can be…

young guy in a calvin klein jockstrap

I actually stumbled across the relatively new Southern Strokes website and the quality of their models and the simplicity of the site made me want to try it out. Of course, seeing this cute guy in a jockstrap was mostly the reason. As you can see, this guy’s really hot with a fantastic body and I’ve already mentioned his great ass. Buck appears in both a photoshoot and a video and although he’s wearing the jockstrap in both, they are shot separately, so what you see in the photos is not just stills of the video. It’s a porn site, so you can be guaranteed he eventually loses the jockstraps and works himself up to a juicy load. I’ve included a sampling of photos and a few caps from his video..enjoy…

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calvin klein jockstrap

Was searching some of my favorite porn sites today trying to find some jockstrap content, and finally found a great jockstrap set on VarsityMen with their latest model Trey in his Calvin Klein jockstrap. He’s pretty typical of VaristyMen guys – young, handsome smooth and fit, it’s just a shame that they don’t get more of their men in jockstrap, as there’s one thing all these guys seem to have in common – a great ass. Trey is no exception and it’s perfectly framed by his CK jockstrap.

Of course, VarsityMen is a regular gay porn site, so the model does eventually strip down to nothing and cum, but the jockstrap did stay on long enough to get me all hot and bothered.

collegiate guy in a jockstrap

trey in a white jockstrap

calvin klein jockstrap

What VarsityMen lacks in navigation and design, it makes up for in content. There’s now over 200 models who appear in both photos and videos and are both great quality. Like their sister site LatinJocks, both sites are focused on their theme, so if you’re into Varsity type guys and like to see them get naked and jerk-off (and once in a while fool around with other varsity type guys) then you should check them out: