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This Week’s Your Jockstraps Highlights

Your Jockstraps

Here’s our favorite photos this week on our sister site Your Jockstraps.

In case you don’t know, Your Jockstraps is a completely free social site for posting your jockstrap photos and commenting on other’s. The best part is each week we’re choosing one photo from the week’s postings and the person who submitted the photo will receive a free jockstraps from Jockstrap Central.

So, if you haven’t already discovered Your Jockstraps, then what are you waiting for? Grab your jockstrap and your favorite jock, take a photos and send it in to us, and be sure to add some comments to all those hot guys in their jocks – they need your support (pun intended)

Here’s this week’s photos:



Our second Your Jockstraps guy for today calls himself Electroluxxe and he’s got it going on. He’s not only handsome, but he’s got a great body and a perfect jockstrappable ass, perfect for those fashion jockstraps of his.

He hails from Dallas, Texas and he’s 29. Here’s what he has to say:

“Trying not to take anything serious in a city that takes itself way too seriously…just a hairdresser with a jock fetish, i.e. fuckable, wild and good conversation, to boot. Like JM and Andrew Christian enhancing jocks…they give my package a nice lift and showcase my pink rosebud perfectly when I’m on my back with my legs carelessly spread.”

…now that’s an invitation that I know most of you readers would love the chance to take him up on. Me thinks there’s going to be a rush on plane tickets to Dallas!

If you want to warn him you’re coming (pun intended) then shoot him an email by clicking the big link below but don’t forget to give Jockstrapping feedback by using the comment system to let us know what you think of Electroluxxe (or Jockstrapping Blog in general)