hot latin guy in a jockstrap

Our latest Your Jockstraps guy is from a hot latin guy who calls himself Bbgogoslut. As you can see, he handsome with a great body with an ass that’s meant to be framed by the straps of a jockstrap.

hot latin guy in a jockstrap

hot latin guy in a jockstrap

He’s currently in San Francisco, and he’s 38 (wow!) – here’s what he has to say:

“I usually like to video, photograph, and have loads of porn on to view. I love walking around the house in nothing but a jockstrap, even if I have friends over. They have accepted that they are bound to see my ass if they come over, and they are comfortable with it. I really love my friends for that. My collection of jockstraps is at about 40 different jocks, only because I give them away after a sex party. I am of Mixed ethnic backgrounds, mostly Spanish…But I was born and raised in Chicago, so I am truly a Midwestern American Guy with Latin Features. I like Guys who are lighter skinned than me. But I have been known to go dark.”

Well, with a little encouragement, maybe Bbgogoslut will send in some more photos of the rest of his collection. Let us know what you think of his photos by commenting, or if you want to contact him directly, click the big link below:



submitted jockstrap photo

If you follow our blog then you’ll probably remember the very first Your Jockstraps post with Buff – well he’s back bigger and better then ever! Buff has been around since day one, posting his photos and adding his comments and we really appreciate him (and all the other loyal readers of our blog.)

So, Buff is back and he’s still pretty damn hot (and furry) and looks great in his jocks! I also love these supersized photos he sent in – they really fit the layout of Jockstrapping. So many guys are face shy and send in torso only shots, and that’s cool, but seeing the whole picture certainly is soooo much better.

Buff also sent in a great note to accompany his photos:

“Howdy John. Again I want to thank you for posting my jockstrapping pix to the site. I see that a lot of interest has generated a lot of pix of hot sexy guys in their jocks. WOOOF. Mega hairy muscle hugs to all the guys who enjoy jockstrapping. And thanks, John, for spreading the great news that jockstrapping is fuckin HOT!!!!”

…You’re welcome BuffTuff, but I hope you realize that having this blog is all a bit self-serving. Instead of having to spend countless hours scouring the net for guys in jockstraps, now they show up in my inbox.

Of course it also serves as a marketing vehicle for Jockstrap Central, but I think it works because it’s honest and allows both Adrian and myself to explore our jockstrap fetish in a way we can’t do so on our web store.

Anyway – enough about that and more about Bufftuff…

submitted jockstrap photo

submitted jockstrap photo

BuffTuff also runs his own blog – Buff’s Tufftalk. His tag line is: “Exploring man to man relationships from a top man’s perspective. For top men who care about their relationships. Setting a responsible example while pursuing our gay identity.” It’s one of my favorite blogs (and I”m not even a top!) with a big heart that’s big on commentary, awareness and conversation.




Just as an aside – We have four blogs going and although Jockstrapping doesn’t have the most traffic (Un-der-where? Blog holds that record) it does have the most loyal following with photos submission and comments and our stats show an incredible 40% returning visitors. yay!