Xtreme Heavy Metal Cock Rings

Xtreme Heavy Metal Cock Ring Collection

Get ready, and when I say get ready I really mean lube up. Our new Xtreme Heavy Metal Cock Ring Collection is here. These solid, sturdy, smooth and hefty rings are going to make you happy and get you noticed which will make you even happier. There’s four to choose from: Trenched, Grip, Family Jewels and now the Taint-a-lizer.

Xtreme Cock Rings are exclusively available at Jockstrap Central.

The whole collection was expertly modeled by our buddy and model William Miguel.

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Xtreme Heavy Metal Cock Rings
Xtreme Taint-a-lizer Cock Ring
Xtreme Family Jewels Cock Ring

As they say… if you love it you should put some bling on it! The Xtreme Family Jewels CockRing gives your boys the royal treatment they deserve. It’s a hefty metal ring with embedded glass crystals and smooth around the edges where you need it. Slip it on for one majestic boner!

Xtreme Family Jewels Cock Ring
Xtreme Family Jewels Cock Ring
Xtreme Taint-a-lizer Cock Ring
Xtreme Taint-a-lizer Cock Ring
Xtreme Taint-a-lizer Cock Ring
Xtreme Taint-a-lizer Cock Ring

Give your taint the tantalizing touch it deserves with this hefty metal tear-drop cock ring that caresses, not crushes!

Here’s the thing about our Xtreme Taint-a-lizer Cock Ring : While onlookers are gazing and admiring the stunning looking smooth metal cock ring around your boys you’ll be busy thinking about the the ring’s hidden pleasure: That “ring” is actually a tear-drop with a smooth point that travels under your balls and rests comfortably against your taint (that super-sensitive spot between your balls and hole, in case you don’t know!).

Xtreme Grip Cock Ring
Xtreme Grip Cock Ring
Xtreme Grip Cock Ring

Get a Grip! The Xtreme Grip Cock Ring features a heavy metal ring that’s rounded on the edges with a handy outer band of textured metal. It’s a welcome addition for when you’re called into action. Even with lube on your hands, thanks to the textured metal strip you’ll still have a grip on the situation.

Xtreme Trenched Cock Ring
Xtreme Trenched Cock Ring
Xtreme Trenched Cock Ring

The Xtreme Trenched Cock Ring ring features a smooth, rounded, heavy metal ring with a deep-set trench running horizontally around the ring. Think hot horny lonely army men in the trenches in their army fatigues and you’ll be boned up in no time – slip on our Trench ring and it will keep you that way for as long as you need.

Xtreme Trenched Cock Ring

Xtreme is one of a few brands produced by and exclusively available at Jockstrap Central. In case you don’t know, Jockstrap Central has been online selling jockstraps and gear since 2005, almost 18 years now! Be sure to take your time and enjoy all our models and uncensored photography.


Jockstrap Central model Windom Gold in a Male Power Leather Harness

Photos: Jockstrap Central model Windom Gold in Male Power Harnesses

Harness your inner Male Power!

Our new Male Power harnesses are made of soft Nubuck leather and are fully adjustable and despite being made of leather, these are very affordable.

Here’s just a few of our favorite photos of our new model Windom Gold in the Male Power harnesses. Check out Jockstrap Central for all our uncensored photos.

In some of our photos, we’ve paired up the harnesses with our JC Athletic Classic 3 Inch Jockstrap, JC Athletic Classic Swimmer Jockstrap, PRO Proformance Jockstraps and our Xtreme Slick-it Silicone Adjustable Cock Rings.

Follow Windom Gold on Twitter: @Windom__Gold

Jockstrap Central model Travis Connor in a Cellblock 13 Gauntlet Zipper Jockstrap

Photos: Jockstrap Central model Travis Connor in Cellblock 13 Gauntlet Zipper Jockstraps.

Our latest model Travis Connor in our new Cellblock 13 Gauntlet Zipper Jockstraps. We’ve paired the jocks up with our recently added Cellblock 13 Stallion Neoprene Harness and Cellblock 13 Rebel Socks.

There are only a few of our exclusive uncensored photos. Be sure to head to our online store to see all our photos (and perhaps snag some new Cellblock 13 jocks and gear while you’re there!)

To follow Travis Connor, here’s his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/travisconnorxx/


JC Athletic Classic Sports Jocks Back in Stock (and on sale)

JC Athletic Classic Jockstraps

Great News! Not only are our JC Athletic Classic Sports Jockstraps back in stock but they’re also on sale for 20% off during our Get Your Heart On Sale that on now until February 8th.

Your new old faithful is here! When a number of the major sports jock manufacturers stopped production of their jockstraps in 2016 we knew it was time to take matters into our own hands and produce what we consider the ultimate classic sports jock. JC Athletic Classic Jocks are the culmination of our 12 years of experience in the jockstrap business and they’re exclusive to Jockstrap Central. Available in either a 3 inch jockstrap or swimmer in either black or white.

They’re exactly what you want in your sports jock: They are simple, functional, comfortable, masculine and even understated with a nod to the classic sports jocks of yesteryear.



Cellblock 13 Rebel Socks to Match Some Jocks

Cellblock 13 Rebel Socks


We launched our Cellblock 13 Rebel Knee High Socks a while back and they were an immediate hit, not only because they look so damn good but also because they coordinate perfectly with most of the past, present (and future) Cellblock 13 jockstraps and gear. They are pure sports fetish and are perfect at the Eagle, night club or gym. They not only look great with the bright colors, iconic CB13 branding and fetish color blocking but they are super comfortable thanks to the high quality cotton blend.

Joining our original four colors, blue, grey, red and white are orange and yellow. As you can see from our photos of Tobias, they look great matched up with the CB13 Tight End Jocks.



Photos: Tan Blitz in Nasty Pig Core Jockstraps for Jockstrap Central

Nasty Pig Core Jockstrap

Nasty Pig’s 2021 Core Jockstraps are here so to mark the occasion, we got our brand new model Tan Blitz to show them off. Check out all our exclusive photos of Tan Blitz in all four of the new Nasty Pig Core Jockstraps.

Classic ribbed cotton jocks with a hint of Lycra for comfort and stretch. With a contoured pouch. But the best part is the repeating NASTY PIG around the waistband and the iconic Nasty Pig pig logo front and center so guys know what you’re into.

Your Jockstraps Has Launched


The new Your Jockstraps website has launched. It’s now a full-featured social media website for jockstrap fanatics and it’s entirely free. Set up your profile, Post photos, talk jocks, embed videos, hook up, send private messages, sell/buy/trade used jocks and lots more.

Just consider yourself warned: the site is uncensored and Not Safe For Work!

It’s not a Grindr or Scruff but a full-fledged community for jockstrap fans. Sure, there’s mechanisms to hook up with others but it’s much more than that. It’s a hangout and playground.

In case you wondering: The website is and always will be entirely free. There’s no upsells or upgrades. We won’t sign up you to any mail list and you won’t be subjected to countless ads, sponsored posts or fake posts. The site is brought to you by Jockstrap Central which is how the site will remain free.

Hope to see you over there and in your jockstraps. My username is Jockstrapguy so be sure to look me up and say hi.


Fred Sugar model Cody Hans in a JC Athletic Jockstrap

(Video) Free Sugar model Cody Hans in a JC Athletic Classic 3″ Jockstrap

Check it out! Porn producer Fred Sugar got his crazy-hot and super-endowed model Cody Hans in one of our JC Athletic Classic 3″ Jockstraps and it looks awesome on him. It really is a testament to our jock considering what Cody’s got shoved into that pouch.

Curious about what’s filling up that pouch? Be sure to check out Fred Sugar for more of Cody Hans (and the countless other models).

Also check out Cody Hans’ Twitter feed

JC Athletic Jockstraps are exclusively available at Jockstrap Central.

Here’s the video from Vimeo: