boxer in a jockstrap

You’d think a boxer would wear boxers, or at least a boxerbrief, but luckily for all us jockstrap fanatics, Matt’s giving his meat and two veg all the support he can by wearing his Champion jockstrap.

Now don’t get the wrong impression about PerfectGuyz, you won’t find many jockstraps on their site, in fact their models tend to freeball an awful lot. Personally I wouldn’t even call the them perfect guys, as my perfect guy’s name is Adrian, but the one thing they all have in common is they’re all jocks and they’re all lookers. So, if you’re into that, then you’ll probably love this site.

boxer in a jockstrap

PerfectGuyz offers their models up in both high quality photos and videos, and while the streaming onsite video isn’t that big, the downloadable ones are.

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