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Although we’ve been carrying the Flarico hard cup supporters for a while, we now carry five new Flarico products including the classic F110 athletic supporter. Why classic? Well go way back in history to the late 1890s, a few years after Bike came out with their famous #10, a manufacturing plant called John B. Flaherty Co. started making the F110 athletic supporter for the military. Twenty years ago, the same family purchased Martin Inc. Mfg and merged the two companies. By the way, John B. Flaherty is Flarico / Martin Inc’s current owner’s great great grandfather and that company is still producing the original F110 today – that, in my books makes it a classic!

Besides the Flarico F110s, a 3 inch supporter that comes in both black and white, we’ve also just added a swimmer jockstrap, a 6 inch Waistband jockstrap for additional abdominal support plus an adjustable suspensory jockstrap (which, if you know Jockstrap Central you’d have guessed already that our photos for the suspensory on the website are Not Safe For Work!) I’ll be posting some of the extra shots here in a later post.

I would also like to point out that sexy isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind when I think medical supporters, but our model Santos wearing the 6 inch waistband abdominal support jockstrap may just change that perception. What do you think?

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Flarico Jockstraps

Flarico Jockstraps

Flarico Jockstraps

Flarico Jockstraps

There’s lots more photos over on Jockstrap Central, so click the link below to check them out:



Suspensory Jockstrap

We’ve just added the Go Softwear suspensory jockstrap to our collection on Jockstrap Central, and it created quite a challenge in just how to display the jockstrap.

As you most likely realize by now, we’ve always tried to be honest with displaying what we’re selling. Unlike most other stores, we don’t shy away from nudity, if it’s what the jockstrap / underwear is about. You can see what I’m talking about in some of our see-through jockstraps, but the suspensory is a whole different kettle of fish. With the suspensory jock, you just can’t be subtle. It’s for that reason alone, that it took us this long to carry it.

We had many doors closed on us because we decided to show see-through garments the way they’re supposed to be. So after much thought and deliberation, we finally decided “Fuck Them All!” We ordered them and I think we’ve come up with a perfect balance in the way we’ve decided to deal with the blatant dick sticking out of that hole. We give our customers a warning and it’s their option to venture further to the full monty.

Here, on Jockstrapping however, we don’t have to hide anything so we’re showing you all the photos from the photoshoot that didn’t make it online at Jockstrap Central. Despite the medical and sports functionality of this style of jockstrap, I don’t think anyone can deny just how sexy they are with the pouch cradling the balls and the hole propping your dick front and forward.

Check them out in all their glory after the jump…

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