This Week’s Favorite Your Jockstraps Photos – Exposed Edition


Each week, we’re choosing our favorite photos that have appeared on our sister site Your Jockstraps and highlighting them here. This week we’re going with a theme: Letting the beast out.

In case you don’t know, Your Jockstraps is a completely free social site for posting your jockstrap photos and commenting on other’s. The best part is each week we’re choosing one photo from the week’s postings and the person who submitted the photo will receive a free jockstraps from Jockstrap Central.

So, if you haven’t already discovered Your Jockstraps, then what are you waiting for? Grab your jockstrap and your favorite jock, take a photos and send it in to us, and be sure to add some comments to all those hot guys in their jocks – they need your support (pun intended)

Here’s this week’s photos:



Manhammer in a Jockstrap

How can you not get excited about a guy named Manhammer?

Our latest Your Jockstraps guy was hanging out on the Jockstrap Central Facebook page when we mentioned this blog and the fact that we’re giving away a free jockstrap to guys if they submit their jockstrap photos and we use them. In no time, Manhammer’s photos were in our email inbox.

There’s so many things I love about this guy and it’s just not his hot looks, his body or that delicious dick of his, but it’s his attitude – so many guys are so damn serious, but that photo where he’s smiling is so damn sexy. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s wearing, in my opinion, one of the hottest jockstraps every made: The classic Trufit jockstrap.

Manhammer in a Jockstrap

Manhammer in a Jockstrap

Don’t forget, you can use the comment system of the blog to let us all know what you think of Manhammer plus you can use the big link below to contact him directly.



tru-fit jockstrap

I’m sure you remember Muletas from our Your Jockstraps post a while back, well he either heard my prayers or he’s just a horny exhibitionist that loves guys to see his hot body and dick in (and out of) jockstraps. This time he’s in a TruFit jock. It’s one of my all-time favorite jockstraps that’s no longer in production, at least not this fantastic version.

I gush about him in his first post which you can view here, so I won’t say much more. I will say that I’ve discovered his profile on Xtube, purely by happy accident and it got me thinking that I should extend the callout for photos for our Your Jockstrap section to include videos as well. So, from here on in, if you’ve got some jockstrap videos hosted on Xtube or YouTube, then when you fill out the form to submit your photos, include links to any videos you’d like posted here as well.

Who knows, maybe Muletas will submit one of his jockstrap videos for an upcoming Your Jockstraps post.

Here’s what Muletas has to say this time:

“Another series of me in another favorite jock. When I’m in it I can’t help taking my cock out of it. cheers, Muletas”

trufit mesh jockstrap

vintage trufit jockstrap

So there you have it, as usual, if you’d like to contact Muletas directly, just use the big orange link below and also don’t forget to add a comment using the comment link below to let everyone know what you think of Muletas latest batch of jockstrap photos.