Kale1Hawaii is our first Your Jockstraps guy from Hawaii – proving that jockstraps are loved by all. As you can see, this guy loves tradition wearing his classic Duke and Tru Fit jockstraps and filling them out quite respectfully.

Here’s what he has to say:

“35 gwm versatile average guy in to many kinks!”

…things that makes you go hmmm? Hopefully he’ll write a comment and let us know all about his other kinks! Inquiring minds want to know.


hawaii jockstrap

As always, please use the comment system for feedback on Kale1Hawaii or if you want to contact him directly, use the big link below:



hot stud in a jockstrap

Karl, the owner of YouLoveJack is a friend of mine. The other day he sent me a photo of his new model and my jaw dropped. I picked it up off the ground and high-tailed it over to Karl’s with a bunch of jockstraps – I just had to see this stud in one. And boy did Karl (and Tommy) deliver.

In case you don’t know, YouLoveJack is professionally shot amateur styled porn. If you want lots of banter from a creepy director or bad disco music playing in the background of your porn then YouLoveJack isn’t for you. But if what you want is quality videos featuring sexy young men that’s not only hot but honest, then you should definitely check YLJ out.

jockstrap porn

jockstrap porn

As for the jockstrap, well Tommy is wearing Bike’s new swimmer jockstrap and if you had any question about the quality of the new jockstraps you can be reassured as tommy puts it through it’s paces – as he stretches it from every angle sometimes with his fist and other times with his rock hard cock. If his dick is any indication, you just know he’s loving the jockstrap.

I also want to point out that this straight guy flips over in his jockstrap to give us an incredible view of his ass – hole and all! It’s nothing short of spectacular!

There’s lots more photos so click the “continue” link to see the rest of this post…

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