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Our most popular promotion is back with a twist! From now until Friday, May 19th, 2017 if your order is $40 or more we’ll throw in a free jockstrap. As a bonus, if your order is $50 or more you’ll also get Free USA Shipping or Discounted World Shipping.

While supplies last, this time around the free jockstrap will be one of our Activeman Red Swimmer Jockstraps. On the last step of checking out (your online receipt page) you’ll be asked to choose your size preference. They come in small to xxlarge and fit guys with a 26 inch waist all the way up to a 48 inch waist.

In case you don’t know, which I doubt because we’ve been talking about it for months, Activeman has gone out of business so these are essentially collectors items. Another tidbit: Their parent company, Flarico (also defunct), has been making jockstraps since the late 1890s, manufacturing jocks not too long after Bike.

To be honest, we’ve managed to snag a lot when Activeman went out of business, but we’re finally seeing the end of these awesome jocks. What I really love about the Activeman Swimmers is that in certain colors, the pouch is slightly see-through (as you can see in the photo of our model Christopher above) so not only are they functional, they’re just a little bit sexy to boot.


The Rear View!


Every good jockstrap should frame your ass.  So why not take a moment and go a little deeper.  A whole(hole) lot deeper!

I thought I would post some shots from the “Rear” perspective, with these guys boldly showing off their assets to the world.

Whether you want to lick, munch or get down and dirty, nothing beats a hungry hole in a jock!

Check us out at to perfectly frame your ass.



A New Take On An Old Classic: Twister! (NSFW)

Jockstrap Twister @ BLENDER powered by XTube

Any game can be probably be made more interesting while hanging out with jockstrapped buddies. Except maybe Risk! (Don’t ask. I don’t want to talk about it.)

Take for example a simple game of Twister. It seems as though this once wholesome game of body contorting connect the dots, can be slightly more adult as the video above illustrates. Heck they do it at the Dore Alley Festival as part of the tradition. Club Blender in LA where this video was shot seems to have made it into a successful theme night.

I wonder what other games we could play? Checkers? Pictionary? Charades? The list is endless.

It looks like a good time to me and it really does not seem as competitive as say…Risk.

If you need some supplies for your own wild game nights click here!

Battleship might never be the same again!




The Locker Room: Now In Amazing Technicolor!

What's in your locker?
What’s in your locker? Why not add a dash of color!?

Call it voyeur in me, or perhaps the exhibitionist, but there is something totally hot about being in the locker room and watching that hot piece of furry, rugged muscle stripping out of his shorts revealing his jockstrap. Who doesn’t like being watched.

I remember when jockstraps used to be plain white. Still hot yes, but not as eye catching as some of the things I have seen recently seen at my gym. It seems people want to stand out more, and what a better way than adding some eye popping color below the belt.

I totally have a boner for the guy in the Pump! jockstrap. Pump! is the new hot commodity at my gym with a wild array of color options, but they are not alone. Bike with is classically white foundation has branched out to offer a wide range of colors. Activeman, Nasty Pig, Cellblock 13, and an assortment of others have left the world of white, and have introduced their own bold colors. Ranging from bright orange, red, and yellow, with striking patterns and embellishments, these are not your classic jockstraps.

Stuffing your locker full of bold color is all the rage now. So while some people prefer the classic (and who doesn’t still like a hot white jockstrap) there are other striking options out there to explore…and more importantly get you noticed.

Pump! Fever!
Pump! Fever!
A bold new world!
A bold new world!


Grey Activeman Jockstrap

If you follow this blog then you’ll know that Jockstrap Central sent their favorite porn website and studio UKNakedMen a whole bunch of jockstraps to get their slew of hot hunky models in, and week after week the results of those efforts are showing up in my inbox. This week’s efforts has to be the best so far, with big and beefy model Harley Everett wearing one of our grey Activeman jockstraps.

Grey Activeman Jockstrap

Grey Activeman Jockstrap

This guy is so fucking hot and the photos so good that I couldn’t trim the set down so enjoy the HUGE set on this HUGE guy. Tell me it doesn’t get better than this!

Like I said, this set (like the head of Harley’s uncut cock) is huge so I had to break it up – click the link to view the rest of the photos:

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2014 Up Your Alley Fair – Naked Twister (NSFW)

2014 Up Your Alley Fair – Naked Twister 2 from Icarus on Vimeo.

We have all played Twister at one point in our lives, but this is an exciting twist (pun intended) to the normal version.

At the 2014 Up Your Alley Fair, Steamworks had their usual “Naked Twister” game where guys could play a giant-sized game of Twister in whatever attire they wanted. Some guys would play fully dressed while some would sport undies. We particularly loves the men boldly playing in their jockstraps, or completely naked.

Even though I am not coordinated in the least and my balance is sub par at best, I don’t this this particular take on the game is competitive. Even losing looks like a good time.

Why not start your own game? Stock up on all your fave jockstraps at

Thanks to Icarus for sharing all the fun and festive vids.

Peek Show! Activeman Lace-up Jockstrap Closeup

Activeman Lace-up Swimmer Jockstrap
Activeman Lace-up Swimmer Jockstrap

Here’s a closeup of our model Mardi demonstrating the fun you can have in his red Activeman Lace-up Jockstrap. Back when we launched these Activeman jockstraps, we only posted 5 photos on a product page so we’re sitting on lots of photos that have never been published – until today, this is one of them.

If you want an one of these jockstraps, click the link: Activeman Lace-up Swimmer Jockstrap

Activeman Elite Jockstrap Gallery Featuring Trent

Activeman Elite Jockstrap Gallery featuring Trent
Activeman Elite Jockstrap Gallery featuring Trent

A few years ago, we did a shoot with Trent and he has been one of our most popular models ever. After a quick call, he was back in front of our cameras modeling our new Activeman Elite Jockstraps.

We’re also working with a new photographer and these photos are the result of our fourth photo shoot with him. It’s the perfect recipe for some of the hottest photos we’ve done so far – a stunning model, a brilliant photographer, a little creative color editing and cropping on my part and an awesome product for Trent to wear.


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