Hello Jockstrap Daddy! NSFW

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

It’s no secret that I prefer men in the “Furry Daddy Bear” category. So today’s theme, is all about hairy men, sporting, or abusing their jockstraps.

Hairy chests, fuzzy holes and furry pits. It’s all fair game to me. Throw in some tattoos and frankly I could be your boy for life…or a few hours, give or take. (And I do both)

So while skimming through the Interwebs, I stumbled upon some rather hunky, rough and tumbled Daddy types that I wanted to share with all of you.

Have a hairy happy Friday and I hope your weekend is as rough and wild as I hope mine turns out.

So all you Daddies out there, get jockstrapping.  I know just the place to get your kit on.  Check it out!