Size Matters: How To Get Your Perfect Fit!

Always the perfect fit!
Always the perfect fit!

Like any other garment, you need to have the right size in mind before purchasing. You want to make sure the fit is perfect for your body and overall gives you the desired look.

When the market consisted of very few bands and more classic styles many men assumed that sizing was pretty simple, but now that many new brands to choose from, athletic styles and fashion styles have surfaced. It’s safe to assume that what fits you in a classic Bike Jockstrap might not be the right size in a Cellblock 13 Jockstrap.

Generally speaking sizing varies from brand to brand and each give their measurements in Imperial sizes (inches).  This is both true in how the Jockstrap will fit at your waist, but also used when it comes to the waist band its self.  The waistband can range anywhere between 1” – 3” for athletic supporters, but with the increase of fashion or fetish Jockstraps, the rules can bend a little more.  So make sure to do some research if you have never purchased or worn a brand before. Also keep in mind the style of waistband you enjoy wearing.

How to do it!

Essentially one designer’s small might be another’s medium. To ensure you get the correct size, use a soft tape measure and wrap once around your waist (or just below if they are a low cut) to obtain your size.

If for any reason you are not familiar with Imperial sizing or measurements, once you have your waist measured in Metric, use a conversion table to confirm your measurements. Or if you are like me, just Google the conversion to find out if it is the right fit.


Jockstrap Central gives a lot of great great information on how product sizing works. This will ensure that the fit is right, your junk is properly pouched and lastly your ass is framed to perfection.

Now get out there, get your proper fit, and get Jockstrapping!

Timoteo Club House Jock Collection at Jockstrap Central

Timoteo Club House Jockstrap Collection
Timoteo Club House Jockstrap Collection


What a way to introduce Timoteo to Jockstrap Central, it’s the Club House jock collection featuring a traditional jockstrap, a jock brief and a jock trunk. A range designed with quality and comfort in mind and styled so they’re perfect for either the gym, the club or on a hot date. Here’s the details:


The Timoteo Trainer Jock is the most traditional of the three designs, with it’s contour pouch, comfort leg straps and waistband. We use the word traditional loosely as the bold contrasting colors and sporty styling are anything but dull.


It’s your choice, either a brief (Timoteo Club House Athlete Jock) or a trunk (Timoteo Club House Soccer Jock). Both have a soft comfort contoured pouch for the perfect bulge with contrasting edging and framed with solid color panels that wrap around to the back. Even more awesome is the way the panels split at the rear to form a stunning jockstrap back that perfectly frames your ass and provides the support you’d expect from a jock.

All three designs come in combinations of grey, white, black and red and are nothing short of stunning. But words can only paint a partial picture, head over to Jockstrap Central and check out our models Trent, Akio and Amon in the new Timoteo gear and all will be revealed.


Baskit America Sport Jocks and Active JockBriefs

Baskit America Sport Jock and Active JockBrief
Baskit America Sport Jock and Active JockBrief


Baskit’s taking care of your basket with their latest stylish, inventive and oh so comfortable jocks. Here’s the details:

Baskit America Sport Jock:

A perfect blend of fashion forward style with form and function. The America Jock is all of that and more and the best part is they’re made in USA! It’s an innovative take on the jock with a unique brief front and jockstrap-with-a-twist back with a whole lot of styling through contrasting paneling with the added bonus of comfort and support.

Baskit Active JockBrief:

Created by the originator of the jock brief style and inspired by the classic shorts worn by boxers sparing in the ring, the Active Jock Brief is nothing short of awesome. It has a brief front and a jockstrap back, and if that weren’t stylish enough, contrasting red stitching and piping lift this jock to new heights.

As with all Baskit, both these jock designs are super comfortable and well made. They come in three color variations: cement grey, navy blue and super white.

This time we’ve got a delicious smorgasbord of models modeling all the new Baskit gear. Be sure to check the site where Trent, Ken and Amon show off these jocks to perfection.