3 Jocks For the Price Of One: Papi Cotton Jock 3 Packs

Papi Jockstrap 3 Packs
Papi Jockstrap 3 Packs

Just launched: Papi Jockstrap 3 packs for 2013. Last year’s (which are still available) were in white but this year’s packs are in solid bold colors.

Papi knew guys were going to love this ultra-comfortable and stylish sport meets fashion jock so much that they packaged them in threes – but for the price of one. Considering you can wear this to the gym, to the office or on a date, you’re going to need three just to insure there’s always one clean.

Here’s the details: A super soft cotton pouch with center seam for support and help provide a natural contour. A matching cushioned 1 1/4 inch elastic waistband white woven logo. Finally, 3/4 inch elastic legstraps provide the support to keep things in place.

Like we said, there’s two different packs available for this year: Either get a pack with a red, blue and black jockstrap or a pack with a blue, light blue and navy blue jockstrap.

Here’s an idea: They’re so inexpensive, why not get both packs and you almost have a new jockstrap for every day of the week!