Trick AND Treat at Jockstrap Central with Every Order

Trick and Treat at Jockstrap Central


Forget trick OR treat – this year we’re all about double dipping in the candy bowl so we’re doing trick AND treat. Shop at Jockstrap Central between now and Thursday, November 1st (at midnight) and you’ll not only get a free gift but also a 10% off store wide* discount!

It couldn’t be easier, just start shopping and you’ll find almost all our products on sale. Jockstraps, underwear, shorts, sports fetish wear, tank tops, full-frontal display suits, bulge boosters, cock rings and more are all listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed in red. Even better: our clearance items are all 15% to 70% off. Once you’ve finished shopping, simply complete your order as normal and on the final (receipt) page you’ll be asked your waist size. When we process and ship your order, we’ll include a free gift.

Although the choice of the free jockstrap, underwear and gear is ours, you will be asked to give your waist size on the final checkout page (the online receipt) so we can choose an appropriately sized gift. The free gift is from our vast selection of samples, over stocked items, current products and photo shoot items. Although EVERY order gets a gift, just like in life and Halloween, size matters and better costumes get better treats.

As it’s a site wide sale, almost everything is included so it’s a great time to pick up some of our newly launched fetish, sports fetish and erotic gear from Cellblock 13, Raw Studio, PPU and McKillop. The only items not discounted is our new Breedwell gear we launched yesterday but even if you snag some of that, you’ll still get a free gift!