Hello Jockstrap Daddy! NSFW

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

It’s no secret that I prefer men in the “Furry Daddy Bear” category. So today’s theme, is all about hairy men, sporting, or abusing their jockstraps.

Hairy chests, fuzzy holes and furry pits. It’s all fair game to me. Throw in some tattoos and frankly I could be your boy for life…or a few hours, give or take. (And I do both)

So while skimming through the Interwebs, I stumbled upon some rather hunky, rough and tumbled Daddy types that I wanted to share with all of you.

Have a hairy happy Friday and I hope your weekend is as rough and wild as I hope mine turns out.

So all you Daddies out there, get jockstrapping.  I know just the place to get your kit on.  Check it out!



The Locker Room: Now In Amazing Technicolor!

What's in your locker?
What’s in your locker? Why not add a dash of color!?

Call it voyeur in me, or perhaps the exhibitionist, but there is something totally hot about being in the locker room and watching that hot piece of furry, rugged muscle stripping out of his shorts revealing his jockstrap. Who doesn’t like being watched.

I remember when jockstraps used to be plain white. Still hot yes, but not as eye catching as some of the things I have seen recently seen at my gym. It seems people want to stand out more, and what a better way than adding some eye popping color below the belt.

I totally have a boner for the guy in the Pump! jockstrap. Pump! is the new hot commodity at my gym with a wild array of color options, but they are not alone. Bike with is classically white foundation has branched out to offer a wide range of colors. Activeman, Nasty Pig, Cellblock 13, and an assortment of others have left the world of white, and have introduced their own bold colors. Ranging from bright orange, red, and yellow, with striking patterns and embellishments, these are not your classic jockstraps.

Stuffing your locker full of bold color is all the rage now. So while some people prefer the classic (and who doesn’t still like a hot white jockstrap) there are other striking options out there to explore…and more importantly get you noticed.

Pump! Fever!
Pump! Fever!
A bold new world!
A bold new world!

Full Frontal Friday! For the guys who just can’t keep it in their pants. (NSFW)

Here’s to the the boys who can’t keep it in their pants. Who’s balls out attitudes keeps them dangling free in all their proud glory. We salute you!

Whether your into fetish fun like the rest of us, or just prefer your boys to be on display, the world of men’s jockstraps and fashion/fetish gear gives you just that.

So let it all hang out. Bare what you dare!

Mick wearing CellBlock 13's Ambush Jockstrap
Mick wearing CellBlock 13’s Ambush Jockstrap
Ryan Russel sporting  the Maskulo Open Back Football Short w/ Cod Piece
Ryan Russel sporting the Maskulo Open Back Football Short w/ Cod Piece
Our Model Adam Stray wearing the Male Power Extreme Strappy Ring Thong.
Our Model Adam Stray wearing the Male Power Extreme Strappy Ring Thong.
Jockstrap Central model Derek wearing Raw Studio's C-Scoop Ball Lifter
Jockstrap Central model Derek wearing Raw Studio’s C-Scoop Ball Lifter

Check out all of the full frontal fun here at www.jockstrapcentral.com

Happy Hairy Hump Day!

Jockstrap Photography by Dusty Cunningham


Hump Day is upon us!

Who doesn’t love a gruff and scruffy man in a jockstrap?

While searching Tumblr I came across a great blog that featured some photography from Dusti Cunningham. I can see that he shares my passion for beefy men in jockstraps so I wanted to find out a little more about him, and his artwork.

Dusti is a Los Angeles based portrait photographer who grew up  in rural Kansas. He dreamed being an artist and moved to California where he now photographs a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Drag Queens, Actors, Belly Dancers and even Porn Stars.

For more of his work you should check out his site http://dusticunningham.com/ as well as his flickr page.


The Naked Barber: Offering a Clothing Optional Grooming Experience (NSFW)

When most men think of the barber shop experience, they tend to keep in mind the more traditional experience of a shave and a haircut, but Richard Savvy, The Naked Barber creates a unique fetish experience for those looking for something less conventional.

Richard is a qualified hairdresser with over 20 years’ experience in men’s grooming and barbering below his belt. (Or lack thereof)

Richard plying his trade with a not so classic sling shave
Richard plying his trade with a not so classic sling shave

As his website explains:

“From haircuts to head shaving, body clipping to waxing, Richard can satisfy all your fetish grooming needs in his fully equipped private studio located in Surry Hills, Sydney.
Whatever your requirements, Richard provides all fetish grooming details including clippers, scissors, wax, hot towels or he’ll lather you up with shaving cream and more…”

For those interested in exploring the fetish potential of men’s grooming, the experience can be likened to other fetish, or role play concepts. Whether relinquishing control, the sensation of hot wax, being shaved in a sling, this is an exciting innovation in both men’s grooming and fetish play.

So if you are ever Down Under and looking for a truly unique experience in men’s grooming, check Richard out! http://thenakedbarber.com/

Not your typical shave and a haircut
Not your typical shave and a haircut
Richard plying his trade on a beefy jockstrap wearing daddy.
Richard plying his trade on a beefy jockstrap wearing daddy.



TGIFF! – Thank God for Furry Friday (NSFW)


Tumblr seems to be a hotbed of jockstrapped men lately, and what better way to kickoff the weekend, than taking some time out of our busy schedules to perv on some hunky hairy men.

Now, lets face it, some collections are more complete than others, and when you come across a blogger who shares your passion for jockstraps and the men who wear them, it is only fair to feature that collection.

So today I wanted to feature the jocksspeedosgear blog. It’s full of everything I want to see on a regular basis. Hot, furry men in jockstraps, underwear and generally in various states of undress.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. Lets review shall we.






Tumblr Jockstrap Sightings: Hump Day Edition (NSFW)

PTIKEUM Hairy man in jock

Happy Hump Day!

It’s a Wednesday and as always I am on the hunt for some good clean…or dirty fun.

While cruising my Tumblr account I came across a great collection photos blogged by Happy Jockstrap Tuesday. Some of the pictures are of men proudly sharing their selfies. (We are glad they did). Some of them are more artistic, and some are just plain filthy.

There really is something perfect about a man in a jockstrap.

Stay tuned for more great photos as we scour the net for more of the hottest jockstrapped lads, daddies and hunks.


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