Cellblock 13 Ranger Jockstraps and Harnesses at Jockstrap Central

Cellblock 13 Ranger Jockstraps and Harnesses

Armor up in this limited edition collection of jockstraps and harnesses from Cellblock 13 called Ranger and you’ll be prepared for any action heading your way. Constructed with a unique black mesh fabric combined with contrasting nylon/spandex in either blue, red or grey. Here’s more details:

Cellblock 13 Zipper Ranger Jockstrap:

It’s a true hybrid of jockstrap and brief with handy front zipper for easy access. The pouch is constructed of the stunning mesh mentioned above – it’s got an outer layer of black mesh bonded to a crazy soft foamed inner layer – exactly what you’d want rubbing up against your junk! Although the mesh fabric doesn’t have much stretch, the pouch is super contoured and 3D and will easily contain most guy’s bits. For proof, just check out our models Simon and Andrew; they’ve both got quite a lot going on down there and Ranger fits them just right. And in case things start to heat up and engorge then just open that zipper to release the beast. In black with zippers and spandex/nylon side panels to hit home those fetish details.

The waistband is a thick, sturdy and very masculine 2 inch wide waistband with horizontal racing stripes and large make-a-statement CellBlock 13 logo front and center. Spin around the the back to find your bubble-butt framed perfectly by the one inch wide sturdy yet plush leg straps.

Cellblock 13 Ranger Backpack Harness:

This unique harness is perfect for any circuit, dance or play party. Made with Cellblock 13’s custom lightweight 3D mesh on the front side pieces with two horizontal elastic straps in contrasting colors – the straps not only ensure the perfect fit but accent your chest, pecs and nipples.

In back, more of the black mesh in a center panel with two contrasting color side panels with white piping separating them. Another contrasting elastic strap runs horizontally across your back with center metal d-ring (to hook up a leash?) and a make-a-statment CELLBLOCK 13 logo.

The whole harness is backed with the crazy soft nylon/spandex so it’s flexible and feels amazing against your skin.


As mentioned, this is a very limited edition collection so get it while you can.

We’ve got two of our most popular models, Simon and Andrew to take Ranger for a test drive. With the zippered pouches, I probably don’t have to tell you that many of our photos are uncensored and not safe for work.


Cellblock 13 Ranger Jockstraps and Harnesses

4 Hunks Berlin Jockstraps and Open Back Mesh Wrestling Singlets

4 Hunks Berlin Jockstraps and Wrestling Singlets


Imported from Berlin and exclusively available at Jockstrap Central in North America, sports fetish brand 4 Hunks is here. Today we launched both a hot new jockstrap and even hotter wrestling singlet made of see-through mesh with an open back design. Here’s more details about the 4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap and 4 Hunks Catcher Lad Open Back Mesh Wrestling Singlet:

4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap:

A totally unique jockstrap designed to enhance both your front and back. From the front, the Thunder Jock looks like a sexy low-rise brief, made with a clever double walled pouch. The inner layer is red or yellow and the outer layer a perforated mesh in black, the contrasting effect is stunning with the inner color shining through the mesh holes emphasizing that bulge of yours. The fabric is incredibly soft with just the right amount of stretch so the fit is impeccable. Sturdy half inch wide black piping is masculine, providing superior extra support. With the 4H logo on the left side.

The front pouch continues around back, narrowing as it goes to become the “waistband”. While not traditional, the natural stretch of the fabric does its job and in many ways, is much more comfortable than a conventional elastic band. But that’s not all, need a butt lifting experience? The extra wide straps will do the trick. Made with a strip of the inner pouch material and reinforced with black piping on each side.

4 Hunks Catcher Lad Open Back Mesh Wrestling Singlet

This wrestling Singlet is the epitome of what sports fetish is all about: reinventing and elevating what is already by nature the object of sports fantasies. While traditional singlets are tight and subtly revealing, there’s nothing subtle about this one; with its exposed chest, dangerously low waistline, see through contoured pouch and completely exposed rear, they’ll be lining up to wrestle you and pin you to the ground just to cop a feel.

Made totally of a see-through mesh with paneled ergonomic pouch to naturally contain your bulge, with a stretch that clings to your junk showing it off to perfection. From the front, it looks like a pair of low-rise mesh shorts with matching upper shoulder restraints, exposing as much of your front as possible. From the back, a unique split panel design exposes your ass, and as if that alone doesn’t draw enough attention, white piping edge the opening to help with target practice (for your tongue perhaps?) A narrow band travels up your back to meet the shoulder panel also edged with white piping and includes a second smaller 4H logo.

Finally, the icing on the cake is an included matching arm band with the make-a-statement 4 Hunks Berlin logo.


The jockstrap comes in either yellow and black or red and black and the singlet comes in black and red (the most revealing), blue and white or white and blue. Head on over to Jockstrap Central to see our new model Matthew Eldracher in all the new 4 Hunks Gear.


4 Hunks Berlin Jockstraps and Wrestling Singlets

PUMP! open back Access Trunks and Free-Fit Jockstraps

PUMP! Free-fit Jockstraps and Access Trunks


Just arrived at Jockstrap Central: With this new collection for fall 2017, PUMP! is taking a departure from the big bold in-your-face jockstrap and underwear designs of past collections. This time around, they’re stepping it up a notch on the sexy sophistication pole with their new Free-Fit Jockstraps and ridiculously hot and aptly named boxers called the Access Trunks with open backs. But don’t worry, the iconic PUMP! logo still plays heavily into the design, just this time around, the colors and styling are a bit more grown up and the new trunks are as sexy as the jockstraps.

PUMP! Free-Fit Jockstrap

With the Free-fit Jockstrap, it’s all about looking good and feeling great, made with a contoured breathable micro-mesh fabric pouch that’s got just the right about of stretch for the perfect fit all the time. Contrasting piping not only adds support but highlights your bulging bulge.

Available in white and black, navy-blue and white or military-green and black.

PUMP! Access Trunk (open back):

The Access Trunk is PUMP!’s first venture into overtly sexual underwear and here at Jockstrap Central, we’re ecstatic about it as that’s what Jockstrap Central is all about. From the front, it’s a stunning looking trunk boxer made with quality fabrics and stylish detailing that you expect from PUMP! But where it really gets interesting is the back where the ass is completely missing, hence the name Access. It really is a hybrid between the everyday reliability of a boxer brief trunk with the backless freedom of the jockstrap showing off your best assets.

Made with a combination of micro-mesh and ribbed fabric panels.

Available in black and white, navy-blue and white, military-green and black or red and white.


Both jockstrap and trunk all have a one and a half inch wide plushed comfort waistband with multiple contrasting horizontal racing stripes and large front centered PUMP! logo and smaller PUMP! logo in the rear.

If you’re looking for the perfect new gear that marries style and sophistication with a huge dose of sexuality, then look no further than PUMP!’s new offerings. Of course, words can only describe so much, for the complete picture, be sure to check out our extensive and exclusive photos of our fan-favorite model Trent in all the new PUMP! gear.

A word of warning: As nice as all the new styles are, my prediction is both the jock and trunk in military-green are going to be the first to sell out. The color green and the combination with black is simply stunning.


PUMP! Free-fit Jockstraps and Access Trunks

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Jocks, Jock Briefs, Shorts and Harnesses

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Collection


Cellblock 13’s first collection for 2017 has arrived at Jockstrap Central and it’s aptly named – X-treme Hybrid and when we say X we really mean XXX with lots of Xposing possibilities. It’s a pre-cum inducing collection of sports fetish gear consisting of jockstraps, jock briefs and body hugging fetish shorts all with snap off pouches but the secret weapon is the PF Jock Armour body hugging cock ring included with every X-treme item. It’s a unique flexible silicone cock ring that grips your dick and pushes your junk up and out so you’re bulging to perfection. When you’re called into action simply unsnap the pouch for the big reveal, your hard cock will be out front and raring to go. Also included in the collection is a Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Harness (also with a Jock Armour cock ring) for the complete look. Here’s more details about each piece:

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Jockstrap:

Built upon a jockstrap frame made with a tough but smooth nylon/spandex fabric with lots of stretch. The body hugging, cock gripping and detachable Jock Armour Cock Ring attaches to the frame via a series of fasteners. An outer fabric pouch (codpiece) snaps on over the works. With two one inch wide leg straps and Cellblock 13’s signature one and half inch wide comfort waistband with sports striping and Cellblock 13 logo front and center.

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Slingback Jock (Jock Brief):

The Slingback Jock brief is a stunning take on the jock brief – it’s got a streamlined low-rise brief front which narrows as it travels around to the back to meet the one inch wide “jock” straps. The body is made with the tough yet smooth nylon/spandex fabric. There’s an opening in the crotch – it’s where the body hugging, , cock gripping and detachable Jock Armour Cock Ring sits and attaches to the frame of the jock brief via a series of fasteners. An outer super-stretchy pouch snaps on over the works and expands when needed. Topped off with Cellblock 13’s signature one and half inch wide comfort waistband with sports striping and Cellblock 13 logo front and center.

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Short:

It’s the ultimate short with features front and back. Made with a tough but smooth skin-tight nylon/spandex fabric with lots of stretch. With a length ending a few inches above the knee. The base color is black with side panels in charcoal grey and contrasting piping in your favorite fetish colors both front and back. Secret #1: There’s an opening in the crotch – it’s where the body hugging, cock gripping and detachable Jock Armour Cock Ring sits and attaches to the frame of the short via a series of fasteners. An outer pouch snaps on over the works. Secret #2: There’s a fully functional zipper in the rear – when you’re open for business, simply unsnap the front or unzip the rear or undo both for full service.

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Harness:

This is one versatile harness, it’s can either be a stand alone harness with straps that run down your chest to attach to the included body hugging, cock gripping Jock Armour Cock Ring so your dick gets a nice tug every time you take a step. But with the included swivel snap hooks you can detach the harness from the cock ring and wear it with any of the X-treme Hybrid Jockstraps, Jock Briefs or Shorts (which all all come with Jock Armour cock rings as well) or simply wear it with your favorite pair of jeans hooking on to the front belt loops. With front neoprene upper panels and nylon/spandex panel in the rear and super stretch and adjustable straps so it fits you just right.


The Jock, Jock Brief and Short all include two metal rings at the top of the waistbands to attach the matching (optional) X-treme Hybrid Harness. Available in black and red, black and yellow, black and white or black and blue. Be sure to take some time to check out the Jockstrap Central to see our models Ryan Russell and Caleb King in all the new CB13 gear, we had a LOT of fun showing off the gear (and the models!) As always our photography is exclusive to Jockstrap Central


Here’s a sampling of our exclusive photos but be sure to check out our extended gallery of 105 photos we’ve release just for this launch – it consists of all our product shots in one convenient location plus a whole bunch of shots that were either too hot or didn’t show off the gear but were awesome photos too good not to share.


Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Short and Harness

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Slingback Jock and Harness

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Jockstrap and Harness

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Slingback Jock and Harness

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Jockstrap and Harness

Cellblock 13 X-treme Harness

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Short and Harness

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Short

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Short and Harness

Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Slingback Jock and Harness

New Pistol Pete Jocks and Jock Briefs at Jockstrap Central

Pistol Pete Jockstraps and Jock Briefs
Pistol Pete Jockstraps and Jock Briefs


We’ve got some hot new Pistol Pete jocks and jock briefs for your smoking gun and holster. With the Millennium Jock Brief or Intimo Jockstrap, Pistol Pete has hit a double bullseye. Here’s the details:

Millennium Jock Brief:

Typical of a jock brief, it’s got a brief style front and jock style back; made of a subtly see-through mesh that becomes more see-through with your bulge pushing up against the fabric, stretching those ventilation holes just large enough for a hint of what’s lies beneath. Trust us, those close by will insist on closer inspection.

Black contrasting elasticated piping improves the fit and adds a dash of style. Finally, this jock brief includes a 1.5 inch wide black ultra-soft waistband with subtle embossed repeating Pistol Pete logo.

Intimo Jockstrap:

Visually stunning, whether it’s the soft ribbed pouch with ribs running vertically defining every curve nook and cranny of your bulge or the two “eyes” formed where the top central part of the pouch meets the waistband exposing your pubes. Comfort is enhanced by the stretch of the rib and contour of the pouch design. Style is heightened by the contrasting elasticated fabric edging.

Of course it wouldn’t be a jockstrap without the leg straps – they’re soft one inch wide elastic to keep everything in place. Lastly, a one and a quarter inch soft elastic comfort waistband in white with navy blue and green centered stripe and front centered Pistol Pete logo woven into the design.


Timoteo Club House Collection Full Gallery

Here’s a gallery of hi-res photos our models Trent, Akio and Amon in Jockstrap Central’s newly launched Timoteo Club House Collection. All these jocks and more are available at Jockstrap Central

Timoteo Club House Jock Collection at Jockstrap Central

Timoteo Club House Jockstrap Collection
Timoteo Club House Jockstrap Collection


What a way to introduce Timoteo to Jockstrap Central, it’s the Club House jock collection featuring a traditional jockstrap, a jock brief and a jock trunk. A range designed with quality and comfort in mind and styled so they’re perfect for either the gym, the club or on a hot date. Here’s the details:


The Timoteo Trainer Jock is the most traditional of the three designs, with it’s contour pouch, comfort leg straps and waistband. We use the word traditional loosely as the bold contrasting colors and sporty styling are anything but dull.


It’s your choice, either a brief (Timoteo Club House Athlete Jock) or a trunk (Timoteo Club House Soccer Jock). Both have a soft comfort contoured pouch for the perfect bulge with contrasting edging and framed with solid color panels that wrap around to the back. Even more awesome is the way the panels split at the rear to form a stunning jockstrap back that perfectly frames your ass and provides the support you’d expect from a jock.

All three designs come in combinations of grey, white, black and red and are nothing short of stunning. But words can only paint a partial picture, head over to Jockstrap Central and check out our models Trent, Akio and Amon in the new Timoteo gear and all will be revealed.


Baskit America Sport Jocks and Active JockBriefs

Baskit America Sport Jock and Active JockBrief
Baskit America Sport Jock and Active JockBrief


Baskit’s taking care of your basket with their latest stylish, inventive and oh so comfortable jocks. Here’s the details:

Baskit America Sport Jock:

A perfect blend of fashion forward style with form and function. The America Jock is all of that and more and the best part is they’re made in USA! It’s an innovative take on the jock with a unique brief front and jockstrap-with-a-twist back with a whole lot of styling through contrasting paneling with the added bonus of comfort and support.

Baskit Active JockBrief:

Created by the originator of the jock brief style and inspired by the classic shorts worn by boxers sparing in the ring, the Active Jock Brief is nothing short of awesome. It has a brief front and a jockstrap back, and if that weren’t stylish enough, contrasting red stitching and piping lift this jock to new heights.

As with all Baskit, both these jock designs are super comfortable and well made. They come in three color variations: cement grey, navy blue and super white.

This time we’ve got a delicious smorgasbord of models modeling all the new Baskit gear. Be sure to check the site where Trent, Ken and Amon show off these jocks to perfection.