Photos: Andrew in McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns

McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns with Cock Ring

Jockstrap Central model Andrew in our new McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns.

Wear them as Long johns or lounge pants, it’s really up to you but first to the main event… the pouch:¬†Between the uniquely cut pouch and the included double-wide elasticated fabric cock ring, you’ll always be bulging sky-high!

The long johns are made with a second-skin Modal fabric that’s not only super soft and stretchy but thin enough to wear under your pants or pair of jeans. It’s an extra layer of warmth while outside in the cold with the added bonus of creating a prominent bulge that will get you noticed. Once you get home, strip off those jeans and just hang out on the couch in your bulging johns – they’re that comfortable. Just be warned: alone or with someone else you’ll be hard pressed not to give those bulges the attention they’re just begging for.