Rick in Jockstrap Central jockstraps

Although it’s not a prerequisite for the guys submitting their photos to our Your Jockstrap series to be wearing Jockstrap Central jockstraps it sure is nice when they do. Thanks Rick! He’s our latest and everything he’s wearing is available on our website.

Rick in Jockstrap Central Jockstraps

Rick in Jockstrap Central Jockstraps

As for Rick, he’s one sexy guy who really knows how to pack a pouch. He’s 60 years young from New York and although he doesn’t say this in his submitted info, I just happen to know that he’s also a regular member on one of our sister sites – Underwear Swimwear Guide (or USG for short) in the community forums and gallery section. You can check out his profile here: (…where you can see much more and much less of Rick.)

Here’s what he has to say:
“Like Jocks, speedos, spandex, running and hanging out and SHOWING OFF”

…and we certainly like a show off here at Jockstrapping!

So, as always, please use the comment section to share your thoughts on Rick and if you want to contact him directly, use the big link below: