Male Power Rip Off Harness with Cock Ring Back In Stock

Male Power Rip Off Harness with Cock Ring

We brought these in a month ago and sold out in a week. Well, the good news is they’re back in stock if you want to snag one this time around.

Harness your inner dirty boy with Male Power’s latest fun fetish creation – the Rip Off Harness Set. It’s a super stretchy and deliciously soft concoction consisting of two sets of straps that comes with a series of convenient cock rings. The first set is an upper X cross harness held together by a front and back cock ring. Each strap uses handy snaps to attach to the rings. Down below, more stretchy straps run around your waist and meet at a front and center joined by a small metal ring – but the real fun is the uplifting metal cock ring suspended by a short strap attached to the upper ring.

Our sexy and outrageous model Ryan Russell is putting them through their paces so be sure to check all the uncensored photos over at Jockstrap Central