Photos: Milo Madera in Alpha Charlie Basic Training Jockstraps

Milo Madera in an Alpha Charlie Basic Training Jockstrap

A new brand deserves a new model!

We met Milo Madera a number of years ago and then caught up with him again in Montreal and promised to do a shoot together – and then Covid happened.

Well, finally, the stars aligned: Milo contacted letting us know he was heading to Toronto and we just landed our new Alpha Charlie brand of jockstraps – the rest is Jockstrap Central history.

If you hadn’t figured it out, Milo Madera is Brazilian and living in Montreal. He’s not only an adult entertainer but he’s also a fitness addict (hence that insane body). He’s also not shy so be sure to check out our sampling of exclusive Alpha Charlie photos below and you may just get a glimpse of his intimate “assets” and pretty impressive uncut dick. For even more photos and to be the first to snag some Alpha Charlie jockstraps, click the link below:

You can follow Milo Madera on Twitter on Instagram or on his OnlyFans page


Raw Studio Military Jocks on Clearance – 20% Off

Raw Studio Military Jockstraps

Raw Studio Military Collection Clearance Sale – 20% off

All good things must come to an end and in this case it’s the fabric bolts that are ending. All Raw Studio collections are limited edition ending when the fabric is no longer available. And that’s the case with this military inspired collection of jockstraps, jock briefs, mesh jock (some with built in bulge enhancing c-rings). It’s been a great run but it’s time to move on to the next collection.

These locally designed Jockstrap Central exclusive jockstraps, jock briefs and strapless socks are all handcrafted in Toronto with the utmost attention to design and detail.

Sizes and quantities are limited but if you’re lucky you can still snag some of the collection before it’s gone for good.

Raw Studio at Jockstrap Central: