jockstrap wrestling

The whole wrestling and sex thing has been done over and over, but I’ve found very little that is authentic – until now at NakedKombat. Usually there’s a few minutes of fake wrestling as a stepping stone to get to the sucking and fucking. I guarantee you that this is not that and is the hottest gay wrestling you’re ever going to see. The reason this is so good, is that it is authentic. The guys are truly wrestling, complete with scratches, bruises and welts and scoring by a referee.

gay wrestling

Each 45 minute wrestling video is broken up into 4 rounds. Round one has the guys in tight underwear (which eventually get ripped off). Round two has the guys starting in jockstraps (which eventually get ripped off to shreds even.) Round three has them naked and oiled up to add a new dimension. There’s a referee throughout the whole match who is keeping score and so in round four the winner get to decide what he wants the loser to do – this is the sex part.

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