Jack working a Grey Obviously Modal Jockstrap

Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap
Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap

Our sexy model (and former male stripper) Jack in an Obviously Jockstrap.

These awesome Modal jockstrap have a hint of Spandex and are designed so you junk hangs naturally – with the stretch and the design, they’re great for guys who are well endowed and if you get a boner, they can contain it and still be comfortable.

You can get one of this jockstrap here:

Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap

Whether You’re a Grower or a Shower – An Obviously Jockstrap Has You Covered

Obviously Jockstraps
Obviously Jockstraps

Obviously Jockstraps


Whether you’re average or well endowed, relaxed or excited; our latest Modal jockstraps from Obviously have you covered…comfortably. Here’s a rundown of all their features:

  1. A truly anatomical pouch design provides maximum comfort and zero irritation; designed to allow your junk to hang downward as nature intended and prevent squashing and chafing.
  2. Made from the highest quality super soft Modal/Lycra blended fabric with an ultra light feel with an incredible four way stretch. This means the garment can accommodate an erection comfortably and still maintain shape when you finally come back down (for proof, just check out our model Jack sporting a boner in some of the photos on our website!)
  3. Fabric used is natural and sustainable plus it’s also resistant to shrinking and fading.
  4. Includes a 1.5 inch wide soft backed waistband elastic which won’t stretch or sag over time and won’t pinch or mark the skin.
  5. It’s a low rise jockstrap with 3/4 inch wide rear jock straps made of the same soft backed elastic as the waistband.
  6. Finally, this jockstrap has a printed care label that will never dig in, stick to you or irritate your skin. Care labels are printed on to the back panel of the garments using non-toxic ink.

Available now are the Obviously Modal Basic Jockstrap collection in four neutral colors or to really spice up your life there’s the Modal Chromatic Jockstrap Collection in 5 bold color choices.