My partner (who’s also my boyfriend) and I were down at Toronto Pride last year manning the Jockstrap Central booth and during that weekend, we had countless requests for a rainbow jockstrap. We were talking to Activeman a few weeks ago and mentioned this and before we knew it they had created a Rainbow Pride Jockstrap and they were being shipped up to us. These Activeman Rainbow Jockstraps come in four flavours – white or black and wide or thin waistbands and straps.

This jockstrap is very important to us. We are out in all aspects of our lives. We are out to our families, our friends, our neighbors and even our bank and we’re even out (some would say WAY OUT!) on Jockstrap Central. You just have to read our “about us” page to find out about our relationship. With that said, it hasn’t always been like this and we’ve had our share of struggles. It’s been a long time coming but we’re here and we’re very lucky to be living in Toronto, Canada – a City and Country that’s so accepting and supportive.

Unfortunately, what we have here in Toronto is rare in other parts of the world – even just south of the border our neighbours, supposedly the land of the free, still only recognize civil unions in one state (it’s a step), while many other states are doing the opposite and building discrimination into their constitution. So there’s still a long way to go.

Pride for us is more of a celebration these days then a protest for rights, but a million happy people is sure to have a positive impact throughout the world.

We’ll be down at our booth again this year for Pride and you can be sure I know what I’m wearing this year. This time I’m not only celebrating Pride, but also jockstrap Pride…. Keep it strapped everyone!

Stefano and Gabe are modeling the new jocks. You’ve seen Stefano before (and you’ll be seeing a lot more as we just finished our second photoshoot with him) but you haven’t met Gabe yet. Gabe is an ex-policeman and now works in construction building skyscrapers. In fact, if you look closely, you can see the marks on his waist where where he tethers himself to the buildings. He’s the beefiest guy we’ve shot so far. Consider these shots the teaser shots for Gabe, as he’ll be showing up all over Jockstrap Central and I’ll be posting a gallery here next week. Enjoy…








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