Maskulo Open Back Wrestling Singlets at Jockstrap Central

Maskulo Wrestling Singlets

Maskulo Wrestling Singlets


Just arrived and still exclusive in North America to Jockstrap Central it’s fetish gear designer Maskulo with their latest creation – a ridiculously hot wrestling singlet.

Available in three colors, these full featured singlets all have Maskulo‘s signature removable codpiece and an easy access open back – perfect for that next kink fueled wrestling session. Whether you’re grappling, tackling, or getting ready to be pinned, Maskulo’s edgy design is the sure fire way to get your body slammed… Inside or outside of the ring. Here’s the details:

Made with a stretchy spandex that wears like a second skin with shoulder straps that swoop dangerously down to the top of Maskulo’s signature black padded detachable formed cod piece (pouch) giving you one massive bulge no matter what state you’re in. Contrasting vertical racing stripes enhance the contours. Unsnap just a bit of the pouch for a tease or all the way for a full frontal assault. Contrasting inner leg racing stripes and piping hit home the sports fetish look.

Spinning around, you’ll find an open concept design – whether it’s the exposed back created by the single narrow fabric running vertically down from the shoulders or the pièce de rèsistance: a convenient and welcome exposed ass.

Made with durable fabrics, double stitching and all come with a complete extra set of hardware (snaps), they’re quality all the way. They’re available in white and black, blue and black or red and black. Be sure to check out our model Mick taking these bad boys ringside for a workout over on our website. Needless to say, the view over there is often Not Safe For Work. Also check out our Maskulo Football Shorts and Maskulo Fetish Shorts (with optional open ass and removable cod pieces)


Maskulo Wrestling Singlets

Maskulo Wrestling Singlets

Maskulo Wrestling Singlets

Maskulo Wrestling Singlets

Maskulo Wrestling Singlets

Maskulo Wrestling Singlets

New Nasty Pig Ref Jockstraps, Briefs and Socks at Jockstrap Central

Nasty Pig Ref Jockstraps Briefs and Socks

Nasty Pig Ref Jockstraps Briefs and Socks


Our best selling brand Nasty Pig is back with their latest collection of jockstraps, briefs and socks. They’re continuing on their sport fetish journey, this time taking inspiration from the the ones we love to hate with the thankless job – the referee. This collection is made with our favorite modern (and natural) material called Modal – it’s not only durable, feels like brushed silk but breathes like cotton with just the right amount of stretch to cradle your goods. Between the Modal and the clean athletic aesthetic of referee stripes, this jock will show off your equipment to perfection. Here’s the details:

As mentioned, the Nasty Pig Ref Jockstraps and Briefs have a super soft, double-walled Modal pouch in either black or red with masculine, bulge defining thin contrasting vertical stripes. The pouch is edged with black piping adding structure while drawing the eye to the prize. A super soft plushed comfort waistband has Nasty Pig’s iconic Pig logo front and center with complimentary contrasting racing stripes both top and bottom.

But there’s more – to complete the outfit, be sure to pick up a matching pair of Nasty Pig Ref Socks. These below-the-knee tube socks with referee striping are versatile in that they can be worn with the full length Nasty Pig logo either front or back, but we prefer front so everyone knows your true nature.

The Ref collection sets you up for all the best plays, whether you’re just getting to third base, or you’re ready to shoot to score.

Be sure to check out our model Mick in the new Ref collection and as always with Nasty Pig gear, snag them early as we always sell out quickly.


New PUMP! Micro-mesh Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

PUMP! Micromesh Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

PUMP! Micromesh Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central


The new collection of jockstraps from Canadian designer PUMP! has arrived at Jockstrap Central – with all the awesome styling, expert craftsmanship and big bold colors you’d expect but this round of jockstrap designs come with their own air conditioning in the form of a sexy and sleek micro-mesh pouch that will not only keep the air flowing when you get all hot and sweaty but the spandex ensures the jocks show off your bulge to perfection!

As with all PUMP! creations, don’t think it’s all style and no substance – they’re ultra-comfortable with double stitching, modern fabrics, super-plushed and extra soft wide elasticated waistbands including some of the softest leg straps we’ve ever encountered. Here’s the details:

As mentioned, the pouch is a perforated hi-tech fabric of nylon, cotton and spandex and although not overly see-through, they’re see-through enough to tease what lies beneath. The pouches are contoured for comfort and fit and include verticle stitching and piped edging – both help in defining the bulge. They also all includes a full two inch wide plushed waistband woven with a front PUMP! logo, smaller off-center logo in the back with horizontal racing stripes. Finally, the leg straps are one inch wide and as we mentioned, incredibly soft.

Whether it’s at the gym, the office, lounging at home or on a hot date, you’re going to love wearing these affordable low rise jocks with their streamlined hi-tech design. There are six new styles so be sure to collect them all.

Our unbelievaly cute and sexy model Matt is back (because many of you asked for it) putting all the new PUMP! jocks through their paces – and boy do these jocks show off that beautiful package of his. Be sure to visit our website to check him out.


Full Frontal Friday! For the guys who just can’t keep it in their pants. (NSFW)

Here’s to the the boys who can’t keep it in their pants. Who’s balls out attitudes keeps them dangling free in all their proud glory. We salute you!

Whether your into fetish fun like the rest of us, or just prefer your boys to be on display, the world of men’s jockstraps and fashion/fetish gear gives you just that.

So let it all hang out. Bare what you dare!

Mick wearing CellBlock 13's Ambush Jockstrap

Mick wearing CellBlock 13′s Ambush Jockstrap

Ryan Russel sporting  the Maskulo Open Back Football Short w/ Cod Piece

Ryan Russel sporting the Maskulo Open Back Football Short w/ Cod Piece

Our Model Adam Stray wearing the Male Power Extreme Strappy Ring Thong.

Our Model Adam Stray wearing the Male Power Extreme Strappy Ring Thong.

Jockstrap Central model Derek wearing Raw Studio's C-Scoop Ball Lifter

Jockstrap Central model Derek wearing Raw Studio’s C-Scoop Ball Lifter

Check out all of the full frontal fun here at

Cellblock 13 Ambush Jockstrap, Shorts and Singlets

Cellblock 13 Ambush Jockstraps, Shorts and Singlets


Cellblock 13 has literally ambushed us with their latest super hot collection of fetish forward jockstraps, shorts and singlets complete with contoured pouches and fully functional, “easy access” zippers, strategically placed in all the right areas. Made with a high quality sleek soft and super stretchy nylon and spandex designed to hug and stretch enough to show off your body and bulge to perfection. The Ambush Collection stays true to Cellblock 13′s masculine fetish roots, which guarantees that whatever you’re concealing always has the element of surprise.

The Cellblock 13 Ambush Jockstrap is the simplest of the designs with the above mentioned contoured pouch, contrasting piping around the outside and fully functional vertical zipper which not only reinforces the bulge but provides easy access (or exit). With two one inch jock “straps” round the back and a full two inch masculine waistband with horizontal sports stripping and bold Cellblock 13 logo.

Our favorite, the Cellblock 13 Ambush Wrestling Singlet has a base color of black and starts at the shoulders and swoops down in a dangerous descent to the treasure chest below – the low rise zippered pouch is highlighted with white piping around the edge in case you didn’t know where to look. Around the back you’ll find a contrasting rear panel with another handy centered vertical zipper. The visual is stunning and even more so when unzipped.

Similarly, the Cellblock 13 Ambush Short is a low rise bicycle short with legs that end just above the knee. Like the singlet, white piping edge the zippered pouch. Around the back you’ll find a rear panel also with contrasting piping complete with another centered vertical zipper that let’s guys know whether or not you’re open for business.

If the body and bulge hugging spandex doesn’t get you noticed then simply unzip to ambush them with a full frontal (and rear) assault.


Cellblock 13 Ambush Jockstraps, Shorts and Wrestling Singlets