McKillop Access Protruder Jockstrap

Photos: Jockstrap Central model Jacob Chance in McKillop Access Protruder Jockstraps.

Jockstrap Central model Jacob Chance in our new McKillop Access Protruder Jockstraps in see-through mesh or solid Modal

Our new McKillop Access Protruder Jockstraps are all about showing off – whether it be subtly or full-on. The “access” part of the title comes simply from the convenient easy access scoop opening at the top of the pouch – showing off the base of your dick and allowing you easy access to pull it out when called into action.

But that’s not all – it’s McKillop and they’re all about bulging and the Protuder pouch is no exception – this uniquely designed “Hoist” pouch will have your package lifted up and pushed out in a torpedo-like fashion.

There are only a few of our exclusive uncensored photos. Be sure to head to our online store to see all our photos (and perhaps snag some new McKillop jocks and gear while you’re there!)

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