Photos: Milo Madera in Alpha Charlie Basic Training Jockstraps

Milo Madera in an Alpha Charlie Basic Training Jockstrap

A new brand deserves a new model!

We met Milo Madera a number of years ago and then caught up with him again in Montreal and promised to do a shoot together – and then Covid happened.

Well, finally, the stars aligned: Milo contacted letting us know he was heading to Toronto and we just landed our new Alpha Charlie brand of jockstraps – the rest is Jockstrap Central history.

If you hadn’t figured it out, Milo Madera is Brazilian and living in Montreal. He’s not only an adult entertainer but he’s also a fitness addict (hence that insane body). He’s also not shy so be sure to check out our sampling of exclusive Alpha Charlie photos below and you may just get a glimpse of his intimate “assets” and pretty impressive uncut dick. For even more photos and to be the first to snag some Alpha Charlie jockstraps, click the link below:

You can follow Milo Madera on Twitter on Instagram or on his OnlyFans page


Photos: Tan Blitz in Nasty Pig Core Jockstraps for Jockstrap Central

Nasty Pig Core Jockstrap

Nasty Pig’s 2021 Core Jockstraps are here so to mark the occasion, we got our brand new model Tan Blitz to show them off. Check out all our exclusive photos of Tan Blitz in all four of the new Nasty Pig Core Jockstraps.

Classic ribbed cotton jocks with a hint of Lycra for comfort and stretch. With a contoured pouch. But the best part is the repeating NASTY PIG around the waistband and the iconic Nasty Pig pig logo front and center so guys know what you’re into.

Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux Vx2 Jockstrap and Harness

Photos: Jockstrap Central model Frankie in Vaux VX2 Zipper Jocks and Harnesses

Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness

New at Jockstrap Central. Express yourself with our new Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstraps and Harnesses by Cellblock 13 featuring our latest model Frankie. It’s a sexy collection of neoprene jocks with functional zippers on the jock pouches with matching harnesses all in printed neoprene rubber in sexy florals and outrageous leopard prints. It really is the most unique gear out there and because it’s Cellblock 13, you know this it’s quality gear all the way.

But here the question: Is it fetish wear, club wear, gardening gear or high fashion couture? Does it matter, because like you, it doesn’t need defining. Here’s the details:

The Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap features a fresh approach with a pouch made of a unique coated printed neoprene rubber with a functional zipper right down the center for easy access (or exposure). Wear it with the matching Vaux VX2 Harness attached to the two metal rings in front of the jock for a full fetish gear look. The contrasting piping edging the pouch not only looks great but ensures the great fit.

The waistband is a full 2 inches wide with repeating VAUX logo woven right into the high thread count plushed comfort elastic. In back, find more comfort leg straps also with repeating VAUX logos woven right into the one inch elastic.

The Vaux VX2 Harness is designed to accentuate your back and show off your chest. It’s also made with the stunning coated printed neoprene rubber so it’s not only rugged but also has a bit of stretch. Combined with all the adjustable black sizing snaps you can be ensured a perfect fit.

The harness consists of two over-the-shoulder straps that join up both front and back with adjustable horizontal straps by sexy black metal rings. More straps join more rings just under the armpits. Finally, in front, two adjustable straps travel down to hook up to your Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap or the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans with sexy black metal swivel clips

As a bonus, you can remove the down straps and wear it as a stand-alone upper body harness.

Be sure to check out our new model Frankie over at our website where he takes the Vaux VX2 gear for a spin.


Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness
Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness
Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness
Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness
Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness
Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness
Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness
Jockstrap Central model Frankie in a Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap and Harness

McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns at Jockstrap Central

 McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns at Jockstrap Central


Winter has never been hotter with our all new McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns here to heat things up. To be honest, you can wear them as long johns or lounge pants, it’s really up to you but first let’s talk about the main event… the pouch:

Sure, it’s all about the bulge – but McKillop is taking bulging to the extreme. With a secret weapon, well, two to be exact to ensure you’re bulging sky high! First in Max Bulge’s arsenal is a front pouch panel that’s super contoured and cut high to sit up under your balls. Second, a double-wide elasticated fabric cock ring is included with every pair of long johns for extra lift and to potentially restrict some blood-flow. The result: your manhood is hoisted up and put out there on display for all to see, as it should.

The long johns are made with a second-skin Modal fabric that’s not only super soft and stretchy but thin enough to wear under your pants or pair of jeans. It’s an extra layer of warmth while outside in the cold with the added bonus of creating a prominent bulge that will get you noticed, big time. Once you get home, strip off those jeans and just hang out on the couch in your bulging johns – they’re that comfortable. Just be warned: alone or with someone else you’ll be hard pressed not to give those bulges the attention they’re just begging for.

Max Bulge Long Johns are available in five colors, black, navy-blue, red, royal-blue and white and all with a 1.5 inch wide plushed waistband with MCKILLOP logo front and center. And as mentioned above, they all come with McKillop’s signature 1.5″ wide elasticated fabric cockring.

By the way, in case you’re in a situation where you don’t want the extreme bulge effect, simply wear them without the included cock ring and they’ll still look amazing.


McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns at Jockstrap Central

Full Frontal Friday! For the guys who just can’t keep it in their pants. (NSFW)

Here’s to the the boys who can’t keep it in their pants. Who’s balls out attitudes keeps them dangling free in all their proud glory. We salute you!

Whether your into fetish fun like the rest of us, or just prefer your boys to be on display, the world of men’s jockstraps and fashion/fetish gear gives you just that.

So let it all hang out. Bare what you dare!

Mick wearing CellBlock 13's Ambush Jockstrap
Mick wearing CellBlock 13’s Ambush Jockstrap

Ryan Russel sporting  the Maskulo Open Back Football Short w/ Cod Piece
Ryan Russel sporting the Maskulo Open Back Football Short w/ Cod Piece

Our Model Adam Stray wearing the Male Power Extreme Strappy Ring Thong.
Our Model Adam Stray wearing the Male Power Extreme Strappy Ring Thong.

Jockstrap Central model Derek wearing Raw Studio's C-Scoop Ball Lifter
Jockstrap Central model Derek wearing Raw Studio’s C-Scoop Ball Lifter

Check out all of the full frontal fun here at

Tumblr Jockstrap Sightings: Hump Day Edition (NSFW)

PTIKEUM Hairy man in jock

Happy Hump Day!

It’s a Wednesday and as always I am on the hunt for some good clean…or dirty fun.

While cruising my Tumblr account I came across a great collection photos blogged by Happy Jockstrap Tuesday. Some of the pictures are of men proudly sharing their selfies. (We are glad they did). Some of them are more artistic, and some are just plain filthy.

There really is something perfect about a man in a jockstrap.

Stay tuned for more great photos as we scour the net for more of the hottest jockstrapped lads, daddies and hunks.


Jockstrap Sniff



Cigartop Jockstrap Selfies

TATTOO56FAN Group Jock

StreetJock Tumblr

Jack working a Grey Obviously Modal Jockstrap

Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap
Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap

Our sexy model (and former male stripper) Jack in an Obviously Jockstrap.

These awesome Modal jockstrap have a hint of Spandex and are designed so you junk hangs naturally – with the stretch and the design, they’re great for guys who are well endowed and if you get a boner, they can contain it and still be comfortable.

You can get one of this jockstrap here:

Light Grey Obviously Jockstrap

New Pistol Pete Jocks and Jock Briefs at Jockstrap Central

Pistol Pete Jockstraps and Jock Briefs
Pistol Pete Jockstraps and Jock Briefs


We’ve got some hot new Pistol Pete jocks and jock briefs for your smoking gun and holster. With the Millennium Jock Brief or Intimo Jockstrap, Pistol Pete has hit a double bullseye. Here’s the details:

Millennium Jock Brief:

Typical of a jock brief, it’s got a brief style front and jock style back; made of a subtly see-through mesh that becomes more see-through with your bulge pushing up against the fabric, stretching those ventilation holes just large enough for a hint of what’s lies beneath. Trust us, those close by will insist on closer inspection.

Black contrasting elasticated piping improves the fit and adds a dash of style. Finally, this jock brief includes a 1.5 inch wide black ultra-soft waistband with subtle embossed repeating Pistol Pete logo.

Intimo Jockstrap:

Visually stunning, whether it’s the soft ribbed pouch with ribs running vertically defining every curve nook and cranny of your bulge or the two “eyes” formed where the top central part of the pouch meets the waistband exposing your pubes. Comfort is enhanced by the stretch of the rib and contour of the pouch design. Style is heightened by the contrasting elasticated fabric edging.

Of course it wouldn’t be a jockstrap without the leg straps – they’re soft one inch wide elastic to keep everything in place. Lastly, a one and a quarter inch soft elastic comfort waistband in white with navy blue and green centered stripe and front centered Pistol Pete logo woven into the design.


Good Devil Cock-out Jockstrap

Good Devil Cock-out Jockstrap Full Gallery

Here’s our model Draven Torres in the outrageous new Good Devil Cock-out Jockstraps we launched this week. All these jocks and more are available at Jockstrap Central

Activeman Elite Jockstrap Gallery Featuring Trent

Activeman Elite Jockstrap Gallery featuring Trent
Activeman Elite Jockstrap Gallery featuring Trent

A few years ago, we did a shoot with Trent and he has been one of our most popular models ever. After a quick call, he was back in front of our cameras modeling our new Activeman Elite Jockstraps.

We’re also working with a new photographer and these photos are the result of our fourth photo shoot with him. It’s the perfect recipe for some of the hottest photos we’ve done so far – a stunning model, a brilliant photographer, a little creative color editing and cropping on my part and an awesome product for Trent to wear.


Don’t forget: