Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstraps

Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

Jack Adams is back at Jockstrap Central with a stylish and unique jockstrap called Jack Adams Sport Tek Jockstrap. Made with an innovative cotton punch-hole fabric that’s engineered for comfort, wicks moisture and provides welcome air-conditioning when it’s steaming hot outside. Even better: The pouch is very generous, it’s contoured and the fabric has a four-way stretch so this jock can handle even those big guys with big packages. Need proof? They’re modeled by our huge in every way model Simon and you can see exactly what he’s packing in some of our recent full-frontal additions at the Jockstrap Central website.

Here’s the details:

As mentioned, Sport Tek by Jack Adams has a generously cut contoured pouch in a stunning soft sports mesh edged with white piping for a sporty and super stylish look. A unique one and one quarter inch wide black and white striped elastic is not only the waistband but also the leg straps. The thicker leg straps and the easy-stretch elastic prevent the waistband and leg-straps from cutting in causing love handles or indentations below the ass cheeks – always a good thing!

Finally, a Jack Adams label sits front and center on the waistband along with the small Jack Adams @ logo on a tab suspended from the waistband on one side.

If you’re looking for an affordable, top drawer, wear all day sporty looking fashion jock, one that won’t cramp your style (or your junk) then this is it.


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Nasty Pig Third Base Jock Briefs and Socks featuring model Bradley

Nasty Pig Third Base Jocks Briefs and Socks featuring Bradley


Nasty Pig is back at Jockstrap Central with a new collection that’s sure to become a sports fetish classic with a jockstrap, a brief and matching socks to complete the look. On the surface, the name Third Base reflects the sports mesh fabric, team colors and vertical sports stripes but we know the true meaning: Forget kissing, forget fondling, this gear is so hot it will get you directly to third base and beyond.

The most important feature of both the Nasty Pig Third Base Jockstrap and the Nasty Pig Third Base Brief is the slightly see-through sports mesh fabric which adds welcome ventilation during a hot and steamy workout. With a contoured pouch and four-way stretch, both the jock and brief will fit you perfectly without cramping your style. A single white mesh stripe for the jock and a double for the brief all edged with contrasting piping hit home the sporty look. Finally, a one and a half inch comfort waistband with horizontal sports striping and big bold NASTY PIG front and center will get you to home base.

Don’t forget to snag the Nasty Pig Third Base Socks to complete the look. These shin high socks come in either blue, green or red with black and white panels and Nasty Pig on the top of the toes.

Our brand new model Bradley is putting these incredible jocks through a spring training workout so be sure to visit our website to see him, tattoos, bubble butt and all in all our exclusive hi-res photos.


Here’s just a few of Bradley’s photos of him in the new Nasty Pig Third Base Gear:

Nasty Pig Third Base Jockstrap and Socks

Nasty Pig Third Base Brief and Socks

lots more exclusive photos ahead…

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Jockstrap Show – Wet and Dry Run (Video)

One guy, one white jockstrap, one incredible ass and two videos, the first is this sexy Asian guy showing off in his jockstrap, the second is doing it all over again but this time the jockstrap is wet. So hot.

(Be sure to click the icon in the upper right corner to make the video bigger and better quality.)

In case you want more, there’s a website where this guy reviews all sorts of underwear called Down There Blog

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Jockstrap Video Review by Hot English Guy

So you know I have a thing for British guys (I married one!) so you can probably imagine how excited I got (and yes, I mean it in both ways) when I stumbled on this guy, Mike Lambert, and his YouTube underwear video reviews and in particular, this one where he’s reviewing a Timoteo Rugby Athlete Jock. Seriously, this guy in ridiculously cute and sexy but when he opens his mouth and starts talking immediately get a boner and then it all ends in a big sticky mess when he finally gets into the Timoteo jockstraps and gives us a show both front and back.

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Male Power Mesh Torpedo Jockstraps

Male Power Mesh Torpedo Jockstrap


Get your scud stud missile into our Male Power Mesh Torpedo Jockstrap and get ready to make an impact! These newly launched jocks are all about your package and showing it off to perfection.

With a 3D contoured pouch made of a super stretch mesh fabric that’s not only see-through but it also molds to your junk so there’s no mistaking what you’re packing. Even better, the pouch is edged with a stretchy contrasting piping that sits up under your balls – pushing your boys up and out just like a… torpedo. It may have a smaller pouch than most jocks but the torpedo effect requires it plus you’d be surprised at what it can handle. Our model Oscar is a testament to that as he is huge and it fits him perfectly.

Here are the details: The pouch is made from an incredibly soft to the touch poly/spandex blend which gives it it’s stretchability. It’s tastefully edged by a quarter inch wide stretchy piping. Includes a super-soft one-inch wide elastic waistband with a small and subtle Male Power label front and center. Finally, 3/4 inch wide plushed leg straps finish it all off.

Although it’s totally inexpensive, the Torpedo Jock will make you feel like a million bucks.

Available in either black with grey accents or teal-blue with black accents and modeled by our hunky models Seamus and Oscar


(here’s a sampling of our exclusive photos featuring our models Seamus and Oscar in Torpedo Jocks)

Male Power Mesh Torpedo Jockstrap

Male Power Mesh Torpedo Jockstrap

More exclusive photos ahead…

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New PUMP! Jocks, Underwear and Hooded Tanks at Jockstrap Central featuring Oscar

New PUMP! gear at Jockstrap Central


Jockstrap Central has expanded their PUMP! collection again, and why not? This incredibly well-made and super stylish Canadian designed line of jockstraps, underwear and clothing flies off the shelves. This time around they’ve introduced a cool new micro-mesh tank top with attached hoody, a unique micro-mesh trunk with handy pockets, a new micro-mesh brief and of course, a new jockstrap with a stunning white ribbed pouch with red and blue detailing.

So with these latest additions, we now have three styles of jockstraps, micro-mesh briefs, micro-mesh boxers, tank tops, tank hoodies, and socks for a total of 45 Pieces (collect them all!). Plus the best thing about PUMP! gear is that it all goes together so you can mix and match the collection for a complete look. Our goal is simply to be the ultimate destination for everything PUMP!.

A picture paints a thousand words and because we really go overboard with our photos, instead of going into elaborate descriptions of the new gear (who reads them anyway?) here on the Jockstrapping Blog, do yourself a favor and visit our website, explore all our new PUMP! offerings and enjoy the view (and when we say view, we really mean our new model Oscar in the new PUMP! gear).


Here’s a sampling of our photos of Oscar in the new PUMP! gear:


Oscar in a PUMP! Tank Hoodie and Stealth Brief

Exclusive photos ahead…

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All You Need In Life: A Papi Jockstrap and Oscar In It

Papi Cotton Stretch Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

Great news! We’ve just launched three new Papi Stretch Jock 3-packs at Jockstrap Central, but that’s not the only thing to get excited about, along with the new jocks we’re debuting our latest addiction er… model Oscar and for the next 48 hours we’re offering free USA shipping and discounted shipping for orders of just $25 or more.

Along with our original three packs, we now have three new 3-packs available.

Papi knew guys were going to love this ultra-comfortable and stylish sport meets fashion jock so much that they packaged them in threes – but for the price of one. Considering you can wear this to the gym, to the office or on a date, you’re going to need three just to ensure there’s always one clean.

For more of Oscar and to snag some Papi Jockstraps…


Here’s a sampling of our exclusive photos of Oscar in the new Papi jockstraps…

Jockstrap Central model Oscar in a Papi Stretch Jockstrap

More exclusive photos ahead…

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