Locker Jockstrap

Before I get to talking about our latest Your Jockstraps guy, let me remind you that IF we use your photos for our Your Jockstraps posts here on Jockstrapping Blog, then we’ll send you a free jockstrap. Although you can be anonymous, you at least have to allow us to post a nickname, the country where you’re located and a little bio/background info on yourself or simply what you love about jockstraps. Finally, to do a post, I will need at least 6 photos of yourself in jockstrap. Be sexy, provocative and creative as I’ll be posting the best first. Click here for more info and to submit your photos.

Married_Jock sent in these hot photos, not only does he look great in his sports jock, it’s even hotter in the locker room setting.

Locker Jockstrap

Here’s what he has to say:

“love showing off a jock in the locker room, and seeing other guys in straps. love to occasional sniff jocks left in guys gym bags while they shower, too”

Although Married_jock didn’t want his email linked to, you can still let him know what you think of his photos by using the comment system of the blog using the small “comments” link below.


  1. dude. that is a great body in a great jockstrap.
    Wish more dudes would resume wearing straps to workout in. U rarely see a well built dude wearin one these days. maybe it’s just the gym i workout in. Too many self consious types who wont even drop thier undies in the locker room much less sport a real man strap. BTW.. i am realy amazed at ur balls to stiff jock strap while the dude is showering.. wow… Wish u worked out at my gym… thx for sharing.

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