a perfect bubble butt framed by a jockstrap
bent over in a jock strap

Another installment of the jockstrap theme series – assets. There’s no denying it, jockstrap are perfect for showing off your best assets – highlighting them in a frame made by the leg straps and the waist band. If you have a bubble butt, then you should be wearing a jock.

Although it’s a pretty obvious feature of the jockstrap, I’ve always considered the pouch first, but as the recent Jockstrap Central contest indicated, jockstraps, for most are all about the ass.

There’s more photos after the jump

ass framed in a jockstrap
hot guy lying on the bed in nothing but a white jockstrap
nice ass framed in an athletic supporter
bury your face into this jockstrapped ass
a framed ass in a framed mirror
smooth young ass in a red jockstrap

…I’ve freed up a lot of time, so you can expect both this blog and our other two underwear blogs – Un-der-where? and Un-der-who? to be updated much more consistently. With Adrian and myself going at it, we hope to have all the blogs updated daily.

As always, we welcome your comments (below), suggestions (email us!), and of course your jockstrap photo submissions.


  1. Hi. That top pic is from I’m glad you like it but it really should not be shown without the watermark. If you got it from someone else who cropped it, well yeah that happens. but FYI it is copyrighted material…

    thanks, great blog !

  2. KRUNCH,

    Thanks for letting me know. If you reload the page, it’s now got the Jockbutt watermark on it.

    I would never remove a watermark from a photo, as I would also not want anyone to remove the Jockstrap Central watermark from any of our photos (although it happens countless times.) I’m pretty sure I found that one from a jockstrap group on Flickr.

    As for Jockbutt, I love them and promote them all over this blog and also our and sites as well.

    Our biggest problem with Jockstrap Central photos is with guys using them on Ebay. At least once a week we find our photos on Ebay always with our logo removed.

    Again – thanks for the heads up – we really appreciate it.

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