JackCMH sent in these photos, and although he wants to be anonymous, I can tell you he’s from Ohio and he’s wearing a navy SafeTGard Swimmer Jockstrap and using the straps to highlight his delicious asshole and rather thick dick.

Here’s what he has to say:

“Fucking love jocks since i was about 12 when i found one in the locker room at school.. . i was fascinated by them even though i had never seen one. The first time i came it was through a pouch of a jock.”

…and JackCMH has demonstrated that first time in one of his photos, filling up the pouch of the jockstrap with a nice juicy load of his sweet man juice (god! That sounds like porn talk!)


I know the last photo doesn’t contain a jockstrap, but I couldn’t resist including it – it really shows off just how think JackCMH’s dick is. It sure is a mouthfull!

Anyway, like I said, JackCMH wants to remain anonymous, but you can let him know what you think of his jockstrap photos by using the comment system below (just click the comments link)


  1. really hot jockstrap shots. the coke can C**K shot was awesome. Way to go. I enjoyed viewing.

  2. WOW this pics are so fucking hot… nice load all over the jock pouch. Keep doing it… love guys that cum wearing their jocks.

  3. Wow, jockstrap really do make me cum, 2!! Especially cin a shaved hottie like u all hard & thick as a can! Wish u were cummin in my can! Where did u get that smokin hot chrome cockring u have round ur ballsac, btw? It sure looks hot on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YourJackinBuddy, -Mike.

  4. Buddy… You rock thanks for sending the pics… Had to rub one out… Thanks would love to see more…

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