swimmer jockstrap

As much as I like the porn guys I post wearing their jockstrap my favorite photos are the ones submitted by you guys for our “Your Jockstraps” series, and when you see our latest Your Jockstraps guy in his jockstrap, I’m sure you’ll agree. This guy is hot and looking at him in his swimmer jock had the same effect on me as it did on him wearing it (see the last two photos!)

Muletas resides in London, England and he’s 33, and as you can tell from the photos, he’s got an amazing body dick.

Here’s what he has to say:

“This is my favorite swimmer jock…I’ve had it for ages and its well worn. I feel horny everytime I wear it…so always end up showing my cock. I’m just a guy who like waning and showing and love underwear and Jocks especially….hours of fun!”

swimmer jockstrap

swimmer jockstrap

Well, now after all those photos, you’ve got all our readers equally as horny!

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  1. Now Joe, not everyone can be blessed with a hairy chest! What he lacks in the hirsute department, he’s made up elsewhere though!

  2. Queerunity,

    Have you worn a Bike jockstrap? I’m not sure if the swimmer jock above is a Bike, but it’s the same material for the pouch and they are very comfortable, and as you wear and wash it, it becomes doubly so. They also serve another purpose – support and moisture wicking for sports – this isn’t fashion underwear like CK or 2(x)ist.

  3. I’ve gotten off twice over him today. I usually like wide band straps but the skimpiness on this is perfect on his physique. He’s blatant and might as well be naked. Those skinny straps are sexier than if he were buck naked. I’m about to come again.

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