Ryan from Jockbutt
McDavid Swimmer Jockstrap
Strapped Ass on Ryan from Jockbutt
Jockstrap Leg Muscles

This is our second post about the hot guys at JockButt. JockButt is a creation of the infamous Mark Wolff. It’s a membership site that focuses on muscled guys and their “jocked butts”. They’ve just had a huge redesign of their site and now not only to they offer tons of high quality photos of their models, they now offer big 640×480 videos in Windows Media format as well. You won’t find a lot of full nudity on JockButt, but you will find lots of hot muscled guys with a focus on their asses and most importantly – those asses framed in jockstraps! Woof!

This is Ryan, and although there’s no video of him yet, he does have a pretty substantial photoset online. The jockstrap he’s wearing is a favorite of mine – it’s a McDavid Swimmer jockstrap. Although I do like the fashion jocks, there’s just nothing better then an all white traditional jockstrap – especially on a big muscled guy like Ryan.


One thought to “JOCKBUTT – RYAN”

  1. Well Ryan has long since retired so I don’t think we will ever have video of him. Good luck to him, though – he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met!

    That bent-over-the-couch shot is one of my all time faves.

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