We continue the Your Jockstrap posting extravaganza…

nice ass in a jockstrap

With a name like Niceass that my job is done – what more can I say? And what better to wear than a jockstrap to perfectly frame such a fine specimen.

Niceass is 40 and from London (one of my favorite cities!) Here’s what he has to say:

“hungry and nice ass crazy to show everything for guys crazy for hot asses”

…so use the comment system below and let him know just how crazy you are for hot jockstrapped ass, and with any luck he’ll send even more shots of his ass in a jockstrap.

jockstrapped ass

Niceass has also given us his email address in case anyone wants to contact him directly…


… I wasn’t going to post this as it doesn’t include a jockstrap, but what the hell – one final Niceass photo shows us he has other nice qualities too:

niceass naked