Wow! I’m only a little over a month behind on getting the Your Jockstraps submissions up online now!




This total package with a tight swimmer’s body and fantastic ass calls himself TMB6X – now i’m not sure what that means, but I’ll take a guess that the 6x refers to his height. Whether it’s the front or the back view, his sports jockstraps look amazing. The well worn pouch of the grey Bike shows off his cock head to perfection and the straps show off his ass.

He hails from Chicago and he’s 34. Here’s what TMB6X has to say:

“I think that jockstraps are seriously sexy and masculine. I’m 6’1 and 165 lb. A bit of an exhibitionist as well”

So, I’ve gushed over him enough, now it’s your turn. Either use the link below to contact him, or use the comment system below (click the “comment” link) to let TMB6X and everyone else know what you think…


3 thoughts to “YOUR JOCKSTRAPS – TMB6X”

  1. Hottest fucking pics I’ve seen here! It’s a damn good thing for everyone that he’s an exhibitionist. Alright, I gotta go and rub one out now. 😉

  2. Hell yeah, I have to agee that they are HOT!!! This is one hot ass guy, I mean damn. Instant boner when I saw him!!!!!!!!

  3. damn, these are some fine photos. I hail from winnipeg, canada. I am grateful for your exhibitionistic tendancies. Hot bod, hot jock

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