hairy guy in a sport jock strap

Don’t get me wrong, I love all our submitted jockstrap photos, but there are some that I like better then others simply for the fact that the photos submitted are creative, well shot, and large enough that they’re easier to work with and allow me to get a bit creative with the layout. Not only is “Dude” here incredibly hot, his photos meet all the criteria listed above and I really enjoyed working on them for this post. Of course, who wouldn’t enjoy having his hairy chest and phenomenal jockstrapped ass staring up at them for an hour?

Here’s what Dude has to say about himself:

“what more can I say?? I love jocks and underwear and love to have sweaty nasty fun wearing them!! Always up to take new pics for buddies online..hit me up with any ideas and I will snap some new ones!!”

…and I certainly hope that Dude will send them on to us here at Jockstrapping for another installment of “your jockstraps” when he does.

red safeTgard jockstrap

There’s lots more photos of Dude – just click the “continue” link for more:

red safeTgard jock strap

hot jockstrapped ass

spreading his legs and giving us a show of his ass in a jockstrap

ass and crotch in a jockstrap

giving us a peak at his dick in his jockstrap

cub in a jockstrap

Dude is from Orlando, Florida, he’s 32 and is always interested in hearing from you. You can email him using the link below and be sure to leave a comment here on Jockstrapping letting him know how much you like his photos and jockstraps!


5 thoughts to “YOUR JOCKSTRAPS: DUDE”

  1. Stephen,
    Thanks for your comment. GLAD you enjoyed.
    Any ideas for new pics? Let me know!!


  2. holy fuck thats a hot photoset. youve covered most of my favorite jock pics – spread eagle, exposed ass, bulge shots. maybe more of the wet jockstrap with closeups, maybe pissed soaked, camera looking up from below and some hard shots like my dick is now.

  3. underwearnut, email me directly. maybe I have more pics to drive you nuts.. I know I have some that you will want to see!!!


  4. great set of pix, dude! thanx for posting on a publicly accessible site so more guys get a chance to view ’em. really like the outdoor shots. would be freakin’ hot to lay out at your pool, man…

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