Zakk Leopard print jockstrap
Zakk Leopard print jockstrap

RYan’s sent these photos in a while ago and it took me a while to post them for various reasons (sorry RYan) but better late than never! I’m not sure if this is what he wears when he’s out in a bar and on the prowl, but that jockstrap is sure to bring out the animal in whomever he drags back to his den. (i know – bad writing!)

Here’s what RYan has to say:

“Hi, my name is RYan aka Ryans_Privates and I live in NJ. I love wearing jocks and showing them off whenever I can. I recently acquired a new one from Jockstap Junction. Shown here wearing Zakk Leopard Lyrca jockstrap. It really brings the animal out in me!
I have attached a photo of me in that jockstrap. Hope you like it. 😉 ”

I’m not sure where Jockstrap Junction is but you can pick up one of those Zakk Leopard Jockstraps over on Jockstrap Central by clicking here.

There’s more photos of RYan after the jump…

Zakk Leopard print jockstrap

Zakk Leopard print jockstrap

Let RYan know what you think of his photos and his jockstrap by either commenting below or clicking the following link to contact him:


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