Check out Maxx! He’s the latest guy to submit his photos to our Your Jockstraps series here on the blog and fuck! these photos are hot! Whether he’s geared up in leather, or stripped down to his jocks and boots he just makes me want to stop writing this and beat one off. But I’ll show some restraint and save that until after the post – don’t want to keep you all waiting after all.



The second group of Maxx’s photos point out my favorite aspect of the old Bike jockstrap – the fact that they become practically see-through from use and abuse. Just one more reason I think that the dimwit at Bike who make the decision to discontinue the #10 should be fired and kicked out to the curb.

Maxx is 37 and from Cape Town, South Africa and as you can tell from the photos, he’s got a pretty phenomenal ass which looks awesome in a jockstrap.

Here’s what Maxx has to say:

“into jockstraps. wear them everyday, to the gym. A man in jockstrap is hot”

You can either use the link below to let Maxx know what you think or you can also use the comment system (click the “comment” link at the bottom of this post) to let us all know what you think of this hot guy.


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