hairy biker in a bike jockstrap

I generally like to see more photos of jockstraps where the dick isn’t exposed all the time – not that I don’t like to see what’s hidden beneath the jock, but I love the tease before the unveiling. But Ross from UKNakedMen was so gosh darn hot that I made an exception. It’s fitting that he’s a biker and he’s wearing one of those new Bike jockstraps. Now I know, there are lots of you traditionalists that won’t even look twice at these new modern jockstraps, but the sad reality is Bike is no longer making the classic #10 jockstrap so expect to see more of these modern new fangled hi-tech jockstraps. They really aren’t bad, in fact as a sport jockstrap they are supposed to be better than the original and Ross here doesn’t seem to mind – it seems to be having a positive effect on his dick!

Biker in a Bike jockstrap

Bike Jockstrap

Besides being ruggedly handsome with his full hairy chest and jockstrap, he’s also got a great body and that rock hard cock is drool worthy – he actually appears in a number of photosets and full-on action videos on UKNakedMen.

hairy British guy in a jockstrap

hairy biker in a jockstrap

biker in a bike jockstrap

UKNakedMen is a pretty amazing site offering extra large photos and huge videos that are presented in multiple formats all downloadable with no stupid DRM licensing protection so you can watch them long after you’ve ended your membership. The guys are all British which means they’re not GQ good looking but a little more “real” in my mind. They are often uncut and often hairy (like Ross) and tend to be a little older than all those twinks you see everywhere.


uncut British guys