If you are looking for a riveting intelligent well written dramedy in Blue Mountain State, then you’re going to be highly disappointed, but if you’re looking for lots of college guys showing lots of skin, then turn down the volume and enjoy.

The show stars Alan Ritchson (of Smallville fame), Darin Brooks, Samuel L. Jones, and Chris Romano.

In fact, you can just forget about catching up on the first episode, I’ve captured the most interesting bits for you: Here’s the stars of the Blue Mountain State shoving oreo cookies up their jockstrapped asses and racing to the goal line.

Strangely enough, the guys are wearing their Bike hard cup jockstraps inside out – guess it’s some legal reason they can’t show the labels.

btw, this isn’t the first time Alan Ritchson (model turned actor turned model turned actor again) has appeared in a jock. Here’s a link to photos of Alan Ritchson modeling N2N jocks