Jockstrapped: Ass Good Ass It Gets

Just a quick post featuring some photos I’ve collected with a focus on my favorite thing in the world: The way a jockstrap frames a guys ass. Most of these photos are randomly collected but I couldn’t have a post focusing on a guys rump without including one of my favorite Jockstrap Central models. We’ve shot a lot of fine asses over the past 11 years of Jockstrap Central but Jonathan’s is award winning.

Which is your favorite?

Ass in Jockstrap

Ass in a blue Jockstrap

Ass in Jockstrap Closeup

Ass in a leather jockstrap

Ass in a Jock Brief

Ass in a blue JockAss in a blue Jock

Jockstrap Central model Jonathan's Ass in a jockstrap

Ass in a black Jockstrap

Twink Ass in a Jockstrap

Ass in a navy blue Jockstrap

Ass in Jockstrap on Bed

Ass in Jock BriefAss in Jock Brief

hunky ass in a jockstraphunky ass in a jockstrap