Bike #10 Jockstrap

Just signed up to Manifestmen to see what they’ve been up to lately, and it’s nice to see their roster of hunky models growing and growing. But my heart skipped a beat when I found the latest photoset of Frank “the tank” DeFeo wearing the ultimate – the #10 Bike jockstrap!

Frank the tank Defeo

Manifestmen are out to show all the other gay porn sites how to do it. They are a relatively new player on the scene, but they’ve arrived with a bang with some of the highest quality photos and videos I’ve seen on the Net. You can tell by the quality of these photos, that they aren’t some amateur operation, they have professional photographers behind them. What you can’t tell by these sized down photos (to fit the layout of this blog) is that the photos they offer to their members are HUGE! For example, the large photo above is 450 pixels by 675 pixels (sorry for the tech specs, but bare with me,) but the photos they offer on their site are a whopping 1024 pixels by 1536 pixels. You could almost take those suckers to a printer and make a poster.

Enjoy the rest of the pics:

Frank the tank Defeo in a Bike Jockstrap

#10 Bike Jockstrap

Frank DeFeo stripping out of a Bike Jockstrap

Manifestmen is all about big muscled guys. I really love how they get creative with each shoot, so it’s never the same thing twice. They really do blur the boundaries between art and porn. Sure they’re not afraid to show dick, erections and cum, but sometimes they’ll choose not to show it all and concentrate on a guys features (like his muscles)